Meet Jim Carroll – Republican Candidate for Parker County Commissioner, Pct 3

I am Jim Carroll and I am announcing my candidacy for Parker County Commissioner Precinct 3.  A lifelong Republican, I was raised by my grandparents in Smackover, AR.  I later attended college at Kilgore Junior College in Kilgore, TX. and completed by BA degree in Criminal Justice at Northeast Louisiana University.  After Graduation I spent a brief period as a municipal police officer and as an Agent with the U.S. Border Patrol before taking a position as a Trooper with the Arkansas State Police.

I also joined and served as an intelligence analyst with the U.S. Navy Reserve.  After 9/11 I spent the next several years on active duty in the Navy, ultimately serving 3 tours of duty in Iraq and receiving an officer’s commission.  After returning home I accepted a position as the Logistics Manager for a major chemical manufacturing facility where I was responsible for hazardous material regulatory compliance, a multimillion dollar budget and maintaining the facilities roads.  Today I work as government contractor in military intelligence.  I am a husband and father of four children.  My family and I are members of Greenwood Baptist Church and my son and I are members of the Brock-Dennis Volunteer Fire Department.  I am still an officer in the Navy reserve and am currently pursuing my masters’ degree at the Naval War College.

I feel that my combination of education, experience in the federal, state and local governments as well as that in the business world provides me with exceptional background for serving the citizens of Parker County.  If elected I plan to leave my contractor job and serve full time as County Commissioner.

As Commissioner I will be fiscally responsibility and provide a higher level of transparency in the county government.  I don’t think there are any valid reasons to raise taxes and I believe a long term reserve fund for capital projects needs to be developed.  I don’t believe in fixing what isn’t broken, but a new perspective and fresh ideas can breathe new life into any organization.  I feel the safety of our citizens is paramount.  Therefore, I will be a strong supporter of law enforcement and emergency services.  I will work to get local businesses and industry to take a larger investment in our community and promote their participation in the Local Emergency Planning Committee and other community organizations.  I will bring new energy and new ideas based on traditional values to this office and this county.  Thank you for your support in voting for me as your next Precinct 3 County Commissioner.

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  1. Mr Carrol; I am asking the same questions of all candidates for commissioner Precinct 3 as they come up in this forum and though you have given some indication in your initial input, please feel free to expand as you might see prudent.

    1. Do you have any experience building or maintaining roads?
    2. What is you philosophy concerning taxes; do we as citizens pay too much or too little in property taxes?
    3. If the Fed goes fiscal conservative, how will the county pick up the slack that will come down the pike?

    1. Jack.
      As it happens, I do have some experience building and maintaining roads and bridges. When I served as the logistics manager for a major chemical manufacturer, one of my responsibilities was to maintain, and build, the roads, railroads and bridges on their 1400 acre facility. I mind you that these roads saw what would be considered rather harsh treatment due to the heavy truck traffic. Though considerably less mileage than the 350 in PCT 3, It was a great learning experience and one that gives me some understanding of the process. For Parker County, we need to start by developing a progressive long term plan for maintaining our roads based on use and wear.
      My philosophy of taxes is a little more complicated that just saying too much or too little, but to put it in simple terms, I don’t see any reason why the property taxes in Parker County should be raised and would not support such. Overall the totality of taxes we pay in general has gotten far too high, and I don’t feel the people will support anything higher nor is there a need for them to be any higher. Though much of this is at a far higher level that local property tax, people what to see a government that is there to provide necessary services, not government supported welfare state and politicians pet projects.
      Sometimes we all have to tighten up our financial belt and governments should be no exception. Our county has remained in budget, but just barely and only by taking funds for our reserve funds. We need to take a closer look at where we are spending, identify shortfalls, and where we can save. We also need to better prepare for the future by developing a long term plan to build a rainy day fund that can be used in difficult economic times. Many local governments have started to struggle and we need to plan in advance so we don’t end up in the same situation.

  2. Senator-Blutarsky

    Good questions Jack – except I do not clearly understand what you mean in # 3-?

    I might add – I want the Commissioners Court and the County Judge to impose a 2-term limit on themselves, to include the current body.

    I might also ask what experience he and other candidates, have in working with large budgets, as it seems road maintenance is a small priority in Parker, but budgetary issues are much larger, for the bloated staffs on hand in many county offices, including the Sheriffs’ office.

    Parker has a history of accepting small-upfront gifts, from fedgov, and – does anyone account for the maintenace and “use” of things like the ridiculous boondoggle of the ” Command Incident Emergency” vehicle, or some such grandiose name, for which our court blew $35k for, and if I am not mistaken, has sat unused this entire time


    1. I would have no problem with a self imposed 2 term limit and would even support having that become the law.
      As for budgets, I have successfully managed multimillion dollar budgets (often with a yearend surplus) been responsible for millions of dollars of equipment and lead teams of up to 50 employees at a time.

  3. Senator-Blutarsky In response to you there are tons of programs in the County Budget currently funded through federal grants and programs that will probably go away as soon as we replace Obama, which I say great. I want to know if these candidates are going to try to replace these grants with funding on the back of local taxpayers, i.e., Law Enforcement Grants now paying for Law Enforcement Officers and Equipment. That is just one small effect of Fiscal Conservatives moving to the Fed and stopping the outlandish spending they are currently piling on this country. SOOOOO the next step will be the backflow to the States, Counties and Cities to make up for these lost funds. I want to know what a potential candidate is going to do when this reality hits him.

  4. Dear Senator you’ve hit the nail on the head. Jack how you doing and yes your right also. The budgets that MUST be scrutinized and CUT are that of our SHERIFF and JUDGE first and foremost. Let’s get a complete audit from an outside auditor since we know the current auditor for the sheriff just happens to be the daughter of the auditor for the county who is incompetent!!! Yes the big nepotism. Next let’s have an INVENTORY of both offices since you can play with numbers. Especially those vehicles 2 Tahoes that Jerry Durant donated to the sheriff after his son get’s a very lite sentence. How about those vehicles that get driven home by our county employees. Especially those who are from Palo Pinto County and Johnson. Non-tax payers and we pick up the gas and everything else, ie Joel Kurtock or should I say Riley’s press secretary . Useless wasted expenses…. That should get you started candidates and by the way if you support Sheriff Fowler or he’s paying for your campaign so he can always get the votes to pass his budget, I will not vote for you. Also if I see a Joe Bob Plumblee on your campaign finance report will know your bought and paid for by the Sheriff too. Candidates your better do the right thing and STAND UP FOR THE TAX PAYER and STAY OFF MY PRIVATE PROPERTY. Thanks Cary McKay

    1. Senator-Blutarsky

      Sounds like a great time for an outside audit in both sheriffs office and county judge.

      I have eliminated 2 candidates as commissioner for Pct 3 – the active duty cop in Arlington, and the L-E career of Mr Carroll have eliminated them from getting my support or vote – nothing personal . I am sure both are good people, but we do not need that much collusion of L-E mindset in this court.

      These gentlemen have spent most of their adult life as government system operatives, and I feel it would cloud their objectivity.

      We need independent businessmen and women, who understand a for-profit way to do business. Cops, troopers , deputies etc are used to a different mindset, and subsidies, grants and other public trough funding.

      I would rather have a business person who understands how every penny of expense best be spent toward the bottom line, or losing money, failure and possible bankruptcy are the consequences.

      Someone who has spent their adult life working for the “government” just does not have that mindset, and we, the taxpayers deserve nothing less.

      I found it less than amusing a few years back when this esteemed commissioners court spent 30-40,k of public funds for extra medical procedures for a deputy. In my opinion, they can organize a bake sale, have a car wash or raise funds in any private way they wish to help such a situation – but to arbitraily raid the public treasury was a brazen looting of the taxpayers of Parker County

      1. Senator-Blutarsky
        I will remind you that I have a great deal of experience in the civilian sector in addition to my law enforcement career. Having both enables me to be quite objective as I understand both sides of the issues. If your concern is that I will support emergency services, such as the fire departments, sheriffs department, etc, that provide for the safety and security of the citizens of this county, you are correct. I will. I find the safety of the people of this county paramount, regardless if you are talking about well maintained roads or having well qualified deputies and firefighters. However, I don’t see a need to raise taxes to meet these goals.

      2. Jim your intentions to not raise taxes at this time for public safety is good but when your put in that position your pressured by employees, especially the Sheriff. How can I know you won’t cave? I am currently working on a document that I am going to ask each candidate to sign to “not raise taxes”. When I am finished I will ask you and the other commissioner candidates to sign it. I want men of conviction who will stand up an honor their word. This county has enough unethical people running it and I don’t want another one. Candidates must be held accountable. When I have it completed I will let each of you know. Thanks

    2. I’d rather have the Sherriff and Joe Bob in my court than be in the pocket of Zan Prince.

      1. Well Tim It would be much better to be completely independent of all. If you new what I know from several employees of the county including constables and deputy’s you might would think other wise. Zan stands up for the Sheriff I completely disagree. That’s why I go to budget and fight for less taxes and call out the budgets of the judge and sheriff. Zan has not one time been to court to fight for less taxes in all the 6 years I’ve been going. I for one am completely frustrated with the leadership of our party and have said so to our Republican chair. The Parker County Republican party is so fragmented it’s is beyond fixing. Zan has done some good things for the party that have helped ie organization and voter registration to name a few. But this party needs someone who can bring it together and who will stand up shoulder to shoulder and hold our county officials accountable. Lenny will tell you we’ve met, a lot of us are frustrated. For her service to the party and commitment I respect her effort it’s a thankless job. Sometimes it’s time to move on. She and I have had that conversation…

    3. Cary…I think that any person that stands up and places their hat in the ring for public office wanting to make things better in their community should be given a pat on the back and a big thank you!

      I think Theodore Roosevelt said it best in decribing these selfless and honorable public servants in the quote below.

      “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt 1910.

      So I applaud Mr. Carrol’s efforts here and I also appreciate his service both as a Navy combat Veteran and a Law Enforcement Officer. You should thank him as well for securing your Freedoms as an American.

      Mr. McKay I will leave you one last thought to ponder here….”It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”

      1. Eric I’m not sure what your implying? I sure don’t need any guidance on who I “should thank”. I’m a grown man and I don’t give a rip about Roosevelt either. What are you the blog historian? Obviously I’ve run for office. There are some who run for all the right reasons and then there are those that run because someone is paying their way to run for control of the court. I’m not in any way implying that Jim Carrol is one of the latter how ever for me and others to question and asked to meet these men who are running is not out of line. By the way I think Roosevelt was a lousy President. Also did you ever think me for running for Judge? NOPE. In fact you were used by Riley to spread lies about me. You never even picked up the phone or asked me if what he said was true. Eric you need to move on.

      2. Cary……I didn’t thank you because frankly I didn’t like your politics and I still don’t. President Roosevelt didn’t do to many good things while in office but there were some things he did. The quote I borrowed from him was a good one and befitting to the topic at hand nothing more.

        I find it fickle of you and others to dismiss a candidate just because they were ex-law enforcement or military. How unfair of you and others to not give someone the same opportunity to explain there stance on the issues and what they would bring to the table as a candidate.

        Frankly if I was Mr. Carrol I wouldn’t give a flip about your vote. You are the one who needs to go away. The only reason you are on here is to keep your name out there for your next bid for County Judge. If you do run again you won’t have my vote or support.
        How about them apples?

        FYI. I support Sherriff Fowler as well. I think he has done an awesome job as Sherriff and his leadership has certainly made the Parker County Sherriff’s Dept one of the premier Sherriff’s Depts in the DFW area. I give kudos to his personnel and Staff as well. You can tell him and his Dept thank you for our low crime rate.

      3. Eric not one time did I mention anything about not voting for anyone with law enforcement in their background who’s running for commissioner. Did you read what I said? I would vote for a dog catcher if I new they would be conservative and not raise taxes. You not liking my politics I could care a less about nor am I considering running again at this time. But when you lie about my reputation that’s different. When I speak of knowing corrupt things I know first hand not from Sue at the local five and dime. If I do run for office again I hope you come out publicly and say you won’t vote for me that way I should be a shoe in to win. Your reputation precedes you. I want a candidate who will leave my personal property alone and not raise taxes! By the way I live in precinct 2 I can’t vote, but I want to make sure this court replaces a great commissioner in John Roth with another of sound conservative principles. What kind of conservative person are you? You voted for Riley and he spent ALL of the rainy day fund, took money from each precincts road fund which is taxed separately to balance the general fund, took our gun rights away and raised your and my property taxes for the last 2 years to name a few. You picked a winner. Eric you are clueless and you can’t read!!!

      4. Cary…You just made my point for me. Your in Precinct 2 not Precinct 3. Your only concern is getting someone on the Court who will support your bid for County Judge.

        Additionally, it is no secret that you don’t like Sheriff Fowler and therefore you hold contempt for those who have similar Law Enforcement backgrounds. You believe that if someone who has a law enforcement background were elected to the court it would bias their opinion regarding the Sheriffs Dept budget. Did you not agree with Senator Blutarsky’s comments above regarding that very issue? Don’t play innocent here.

        Secondly, I never said any untruths about you ever. If you would like I can have Lenny pull up the particular blog I made on this blogsite where you are twisting my words when you ran against Judge Riley and post it here and let the people decide who is being untruthful.

        I did vote for Mark Riley and if it came down to a contest between you and him again I would vote for Mark Riley again in a heartbeat.

        I’ll match my reputation up against yours anyday in the people’s court and I think it is you who will be unpleasantly surprised as to the results.

  5. Hi Cary and Senator, understand both of your positions completely my only hope now is that we can get a reply from Mr Carrol. Mr Carrol I have received a reply to me question from another Pct#3 candidate on the WordPress forum Parker County Blog and am looking forward to your reply. I have purposely presented the three questions to each of the candidates that have utilized this forum to analyze for myself which of the candidates provides answers that will inspire me to endorse that candidate as my representative, thanks for your time.

    1. Jack
      As always, I appreciate your questions and concern about the community. Sorry for the delay on getting my comments on this forum. I realize these are rather short simplified answers, in respect for the space available on this forum, but I hope they will show you the direction I want to go with our county.

  6. Senator I like the way you and Jack are thinking. I would agree to a meet and greet with these candidates with you two and maybe Lenny would like to come also. By the way Senator the court a few years back went in and changed the insurance policy to cover Ryno Riley’s bum knee because it did not cover his experimental knee injections. Of coarse John Roth opposed the change and voted against it. They protect their own !!!!

    1. Senator-Blutarsky

      My schedule is fairly flexible – count me in !

      1. I will be putting it together and try to set something up for next week. Thanks

    2. Lenny Leatherman

      Cary, let me know when you want to get together. Not sure I have anything to add, but anytime true conservative principles are discussed – you have my attention!

    3. Gentlemen, I would very much like to speak with each of you. I will be out meeting and speaking with people this Saturday. Name a place and we can all meet for lunch.

      1. I favor R&K, however; Downtowner, Wanda’s, or the New Cowboys Country Cafe on South Main all serve Home Cooking so I am game with any of those or others … works for me I am not choosey.

      2. Alright thanks for the reply Jim I’m not sure about this weekend but I will know hopefully this evening if I can, but next week sometime for me is a definite. Thanks Cary

      3. Jack, lets say noon on Sat. at the New Cowboys Country Cafe on South Main. Cary, hope you can be there, but if not, I will catch up with you another time. I would like to invite anyone else that would like to learn more about me and my views to come along as well.

      4. I will do my best I waiting on a call. Thanks Guys

  7. Hi Cary, anytime let me know.

  8. Thank-you Mr Carroll for your comments, the three answers gave me the insight I was looking for to determine what your approaches probably will be. I presented the same questions to a couple of other Commissioner Candidates in Pct# 3 and now have two of your responces and look forward to the third response. Good luck with your continued participation, and encourage all your competetors to participate in this forum I think this is a good forum to participate in and an economical way to compete.

  9. Hey thanks Lenny I appreciate your help would love for you to be apart if you would like.

  10. Eric something is just not connecting. I care about who gets 3 because if Moffit wins against Conley conservatives hold the court majority. Then we’ve neutered Ryno Riley and hopefully he RETIRES. I will say this once I have NO plans running again unless I feel God is leading me to it. See Eric I don’t give a rear to be Judge unless no one stands up for my beliefs. I love what I do, I love my family and would much rather be with them and my friends. I’ve already suggested to someone that they would make a fantastic County Judge Lenny knows whom I”m talking about, but that’s a lot to ask and there’s time for him to decide. See some people including yourself don’t have any idea who I am and what makes me tick. I will never forget what Jim Webster said to me “your going to lose because your on the wrong side of the gun ordinance”. I looked at him and said how do I lose if I’m standing up for what I believe in! I spent a lot of time and money in that campaign and I look back on it as a blessing and had a ball. If I had to do it over again I would because I meet some great people and did what I believed was right. I didn’t expect to win and I sure didn’t expect for anyone to “thank me” as you said were supposed to do. You may not believe me but those who know me do. Eric you just seem bitter and it’s always every body else”s fault that you lost. As far as law enforcement goes your wayyyyyyyyyy off base I CAN’T STAND CORRUPTION. You have not been privileged to all the county employees, deputy’s,City of Weatherford detectives, Volunteer Fire Chiefs,elected officials, ESD appointments who came up to me showing proof what’s going on. It seems when they think your going to finally upset the apple cart and win the election and even after the election they keep calling and sending you more and more proof that unethical things are going on. So to follow up you said you would vote for Riley. So YOU are for tax increases and draining our rainy day fund…Hmmm doesn’t sound like a slogan to put on your election signs or campaign material. By the way what the Senator said that I agree with is bloated budgets and over staff. There are several dept. in the County that are run great and are cut to the bone. These departments haven’t had increases to their budgets in years. They have to “toe the line” because the Sheriff always gets his and he goes over to Riley and they take from others.

  11. Cary your right I don’t understand what makes you tick. I don’t understand why some battles you feel are worthy to fight while others are not.

    Case and point – On or about March or April of last year you were apart of a Republican Party Meeting that was held at the Weatherford College Auditorium. This meeting was also comprised of several members of the Tea Party Patriots of Parker County. One of the topics of discussion in this meeting was the wrongful acquisition of the Parker County Tea Party and the Weatherford Tea Party name by our Republican Chair.

    Several members of the Parker County Republican Party and the Tea Party Patriots of Parker County stood up and voiced their condemnation of this wrongful aquisition of the Tea Party name.

    You yourself have been a member of the Tea Party and when you stood up and spoke I recall the only thing you had to say was “Can’t we all just get along” versus voicing your condemnation along with everyone else.

    So I guess you are right when you say I don’t understand what makes you tick.

  12. Eric not only do you not read you don’t listen either. I told Zan she was wrong and completely over stepped her bounds and said she should not do this. I spoke for about 5 minutes you mentioned 5 seconds. You are no different than the mainstream media taking it out of context. If you think I won’t disagree with someone and stand up against them your wrong. Do I want to get along with those in the party yes put when I believe some one is wrong I’m standing up and saying so. I now know what others have said about you I get it you need counseling. This will be my last rebuttal to you It’s a waste of time. Feel free to LIE away!!!!

    1. Cary,

      Not that I really want to say anything, but, since you have decided to chime in with what you think my husband is about and how he is I will chime in what I think you are about and who you are. I will say I have tried to give you respect for your position and read you’re many posts. I don’t 100% disagree with you, you have some valid points and issues. However, speaking of animosity and hatred, that you seemed filled up with to the brim.

      1. Cary,

        I was one that attended with the folks, within the group of the Tea Party Patriots who showed up when Zan held her Parker County Tea Party meeting at Weatherford College. Who did I see front and center sitting with Zan’s husband and John Roth, why none other than you. Who was it that stood against the corruption and theft of an honorable name that some had spent years building? Not you. So do not go down the road of what your personal opinions are regarding my husband, least I go the road of what my perosnal opinions are regarding you.

    2. Glad this is your last rebuttal. By the way I taped that entire session you speak of so you feel free to “lie away”.

  13. ParkerCountyBlog

    Folks, our intent when we started this (2012 Primary) Category was to introduce candidates to the public and to provide a way to ask questions. I sincerely hope we don’t discourage others from participating in the discussion by leading the conversation away from Mr. Carroll. I believe we all want to identify the best possible candidates for public office, and by working together I have no doubt we will succeed.

    1. Thank you ParkerCountyBlog I agree. Jim this will confirm our telephone conversation and the meeting Saturday, January 28th at the new, Cowboy Country Cafe at 12 Noon. My other friends on this blog and followers of my blog and facebook are welcome but bring your gentlemen and lady persona, it isn’t a debate environment, just a friendly lunch(everybody pays for there own lunch) and learn where Jim stands on issues, thanks.

  14. Wow.this is my first time to this blog. From the comments being made it appears that there are some very big egos in Parker county. I have met Eric Matthews and I do believe that he is a common sense person that loves Parker county.
    I personally know the Arlington police officer running for Precinct 3 commissioner. I have known him many years (no I am not related to him). He is a fair minded, responsible man. He has common sense and is very familiar with running a business. He understands fiscal responsibility and is a lifelong Parker county resident.
    You men that are complaining need to put up or shutup. Stop whining and figure out what needs to be done. It is past time our community leaders stop complaining about the issues. It is time to stop being part of the problem and work together for solutions.

  15. I was able to set down with Jim Carrol country Commissioner Precinct 3 candidate and I found him to be genuine and straight forward with his answers to my questions. I appreciate this luncheon we had with a couple of other people and see no reason why Jim would not be an outstanding Commissioner.

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