Meet Lynette McCracken – Candidate for Precinct Chair, Pct 400

I am a candidate for Precinct Chair #400.

I am ready, willing, and able to serve my community, and I approach this position harboring a desire to assist in the further expansion of the Parker County Republican Party’s CONSERVATIVE base.

I serve as the communications representative of the Parker County TEA Party. My duties include being the Facebook administrator and networking with other ‘Grassroots’ level TEA Party organizations across the state and beyond. I have also been the ‘right hand’ of the Parker County TEA Party’s founder, Dawn King, so I know a thing or two about the meaning of ‘Grassroots’ and how to strengthen the conservative base of the Parker County Republican Party.

I am a Christian first, and I take it into serious consideration that God has called each of us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I attend Forgiven Church in Fort Worth, TX.

I am the mother of two grown daughters and have been married to my husband, Tracy McCracken, for twenty years.
My hobbies include advocating animal rescue, and handcrafting natural soaps and skincare products. I also enjoy a day at the shooting range.

~  More about Lynette  ~

Lynette, I am so proud of you for your decision to run for Precinct Chair!

For those of you who may not know Lynette, I can help.  First, she is a Christian, putting God first – then family. NEVER underestimate the dedication of these priorities. Third, she is a hard core lover of this great nation we call America. Three years ago when this nation went under attack by our own government, Lynette didn’t sit on the couch and complain – she got up and helped organize the largest march/protest in Weatherford’s history!

She is a woman of action not idle words. She possesses great knowledge of local, state and national issues. Lynette has been the communications representative for the Parker County TEA Party since it’s inception and has been strategically involved in every aspect. She is now ready to take the next step in service as a Republican Party Precinct Chair. Join with me in supporting Lynette… she is a true Texan! – Dawn King


It is a distinct honor to be counted among Lynette McCracken’s supporters as she campaigns for the office of Precinct Chair, Pct. 400. I believe it is time for folks like me and my old friend Marvin Herring (current Pct 400 chair) to step aside and support those of the next generation like Lynette who are smarter and have the stamina to return the Republican Party to its place of leadership at a time when conservative leadership is of paramount importance.

Lynette possesses ALL that is desirable in a leader of tomorrow. She is intelligent, conservative and highly motivated. AND she is not afraid to confront those in office who are drifting the Republican Party in the wrong direction. She fights with conservative Christian principles and WINS! You do not want Lynette McCracken as an adversary. She does not know the meaning of failure and will not compromise.

In Lynette McCracken we see a picture of America as it was intended by the founders – free and prosperous!

Therefore, I urge you to support Lynette with your donations and your vote.  –  Lenny & Sharon Leatherman

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  1. I support and endorse Lynette McCracken for Precinct 400 Chair! She is a true conservative patriot and will serve the citizen of Parker County well!

  2. What a gift for Parker County. I’ve known Lynette for years from her work at the grassroots level and have always been so amazed at her energy and commitment to conservative principles. Anybody can “fill” a Precinct Chair, but the job requires someone willing to put forth the effort to do it right and do what is required: communicate with and get to know the voters in the precinct, make sure they are involved and informed, faithfully represent them at EC meetings and party events and, most importantly, making sure they get to the polls on election days. Lynette has the personality, the character and the drive to excel at such a role. Republicans in Precinct 400 don’t know how lucky they are about to be.

    Adrian Murray

    1. Thank you Adrian! For those who don’t know it Adrain’s new book “Common Ground” just came out you should all get a copy. I can’t wait to read it!

  3. I have known Lynette for a couple of years now. I will say that she will work 110% for the people that she represents, she IS a true Patriot.

  4. I can’t think of a better, more qualified or energetic person to serve as PCT Chair #400. Lynette in the short time I have known her through her activism in the Parker County Tea Party and her concern for Animal Welfare and finally as an outspoken representative of Christian Conservative principles has truly impressed me and I only wish I lived in her district to benefit from her energy.

  5. One thing needed in Parker County are virtuous Precinct Chairs. The Republican party in Parker County is just like the Federal Government, at some point they have been there too long. We have a lot, not all, but a lot of Precinct chairs that just go along, and do not vote the way the people in their precincts would wish them to. A lot of them are RINO’s. unfortunately they don’t know it. I am lucky for my precinct chair is a virtuous christian person who believes the same as I do, in smaller government and lower taxes. Lynette, is one of those people who will conscientiously vote the will of the people and for smaller government and lower taxes…or at least for people like that. I know her to be a dedicated, loyal, Christian woman who will keep Parker County the Conservative place that we all love and call home. I sincerely endorse her and hope that everyone in Precinct 400 will vote for her and make her the voice of that precinct. A vote for Lynette is a solid vote against tyranny and the creeping socialism that we see in our Country today.

  6. I met Lynette in September of 2009 and I could tell right off the bat that she was very sharp. She is very intelligent and tactful. She has an amazing ability to build relationships with people and one of the best senses of humors I have encountered. Lynette has a way of making others feel comfortable and important. She is a team player and always willing to help out anyway she can. She has a great deal of talent and ability. When you combine those with her experience and maturity, she is capable of accomplishing anything she sets her mind to achieving.
    Her energy, professionalism and skill with people enable her to build and maintain valued relationships. I also value her ability to think for herself and be pro-active.
    Lynette is someone that I can easily recommend simply because she is a woman of integrity and character. In short, if she says she’s going to do it, she does it! She is intelligent and self-motivated. She cares about doing the right thing, which is the most important quality in a leader.

  7. Lynette is a great asset to the citizens of Parker County [Precinct 400] and the Republican Party. She is a hard-working, true conservative that loves America and she will faithfully represent her precinct as their precinct chair. She is consistant in educating herself on issues that are usurping our freedoms and she can be trusted to stand for what is right and true. I am honored to know Lynette and look forward to our continued friendship as we work together to advance conservative principles.

  8. Many of you know me, I am the woman sued over a sign I posted on my property. The sign in question read: WAKE UP AMERICA defend your liberties. If you are offended by the words then I suggest you vote for the incumbent Marvin Herring (running for re-election) Mr Herring sat on the HOA Board and voted to sue me, and was so BOLD as to sit in the courtroom while he defended & ALLOWED the liberals to chip away at my Liberties–HOWEVER- if you feel like MOST of us, TRUE CONSERVATIVES then you will find that Lynette McCracken is just THAT! A Christian, a TRUE Conservative and a dedicated Patriot!
    Jeers to my GOP Precinct Chair Marvin Herring for sitting on this board for EIGHT MONTHS and ALLOWING this preposterous behavior to continue.
    Clara Russell

  9. Shame we couldn’t get her to run against Zan for Republican Chair. Zan is everything that is wrong with the Parker County Republican Party. The problem is the Party doesn’t have the guts to get rid of her and her minions. She should have been reprimanded by the State Chair and Censored for that little stunt she pulled stealing the Tea Party name in order to mislead the voters in the May City Council Race.

    There have been other stunts she has pulled as well except folks tend to have a short memory when it comes to holding her accountable for her deeds.

    The Parker County Republican Party is weak because they allow Zan to trample on the conservative principles inherent to the Party for her own personal gain. They’d rather bury their heads in the sand and turn a blind eye to her rather than confront her.

    Some folks say that we just need to mend bridges with her but that is like turning the wolf loose in the hen house.

    I just hate to see good folks like Lynette having to serve under a Narcissistic corrupt leader like Zan. I’d rather see folks like Lynette leading the Party.

    1. Hi,
      I am not sure who this is, but I have an idea who it might be.
      Not everyone in the Parker County Republican club walks lock step. I can tell you as an outsider a few years ago I simply judged the Republican club based on hearsay and stayed away because I believed they did not represent my values from the things I had heard; I was wrong to do this. Just like in the TEA Party there are many ideas and opinions and you can’t judge everyone in the group based on the actions of a few. I have met some very strong Parker County Republican club Conservatives that share my views. I have learned much from them in the past few years and there is nothing weak about them! Concerning Zan and her trying to claim our name… well, the person that hurt most was her. Our group is growing and what was meant to hurt the “authentic Parker County TEA Party” has actually helped us. One of the reasons I am running for precinct chair was because of something Zan said to me. She said “there are really only 2 choices (political parties) “if you don’t like something in the one you choose be part of then get in the process to change it”. You can’t change things from the outside sitting on the sidelines and complaining. The TEA Party is great for some things but real change in the Republican Party comes from working inside the Party not sitting on the outside complaining. I have always been a Republican but I admit like in every group there are some Republicans that tend to tarnish the Party name however you can’t judge everyone in the party by the deeds of a few and even those people may realize they have acted in error based on false assumptions but you won’t know this unless you get involved.”Think serenity prayer” Lord help me change the things I can, to accept the things I can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.

      1. This is another reason you are a great leader and person, you have integrity and class…. GOD bless you!

      2. Lynette – you sumed up the Parker County Republican Party in one word. It is treated as a “club” rather than a Party because of rotten leaders like Zan. I am glad to see quality folks like yourself attempting to get involved and restore the dignity, values, and honor that once existed in the Party. This good ole boy “club” needs to be purged of it’s rotten leadership by quality leaders like yourself. I just pray folks wake up and realize this before it is too late.

      3. RR,
        Yes we have 2 Republican women’s clubs but all are welcome to attend (even men) and some people even attend both groups. There is only one Republican Party though, and in spite of some disagreements between the two women’s group they are very civil from what I have seen and are able to put differences aside to work towards some common goals. It shows me you can disagree without being disagreeable which is something I have come to learn in the past few years.The fact is I have had nothing but a very warm reception from both women’s groups and many from the Republican groups are coming to the TEA Party meeting now. I have not forgotten what Zan did with trying to take our name or how she tried to justify doing so. Continuing to hold on to it as she has I believe has caused less people to come to her meetings and many have lost some respect for her for her stance. She could humble herself and mend fences with many by dropping that and I asked her to do so but to this point she has not. Like I said, it does not matter because people know the truth and they show up to our meetings. The main difference between the TEA Party group and the R Party group/club is at our TEA Party meetings we have structure but everyone can have a voice if they choose to.There are no elected positions there is an organizer, there is a facebook Admin. and I added Rick Perry to help with that . Everyone can make suggestions or give input though as long as they are polite and courteous. My goal is to bring more people back to the Republican “Party/Club” where we can all make a difference in the process. I choose to build up rather then tear down, to get involved rather then sit outside and complain, one brings about change the other only bitterness.
        If your beef is just with Zan, she is not the “R Party” the “R Party” is the people not one person. I find it offensive that you could label an entire group based on your issues with one person… though I know you are not alone in your thinking. I would suggest you start to attend some R meetings and get to know the real people that make up the party.

      4. My beef is with those that are in leadership in the Party who remain silent and choose not to do the moral right thing as leaders and speak out against wrongdoing. As a leader you sometimes have to do the hard right versus the easy wrong when it comes to making choices. Matter of fact these same leaders I speak of who choose to remain silent and allow unethical behavior to take place in the Party recently allowed a Precinct Chair appointment to be made without having a quorom present to officially make that appointment. Knowing that would you want to associate yourself with that particular Party Group?

        Tell you what…I’ll make a deal with you Lynette. I will once again actively attend Parker County Republican Meetings on three conditions: (1) When those in leadership come together and request that Zan makes a formal written apology to the Texas Republican Party and the Parker County Tea Party for her actions during our previous May City Council Race and (2) Zan issues that written apology publically in our local media outlets. (3) The Party Leadership starts holding itself accountable to the people and corrects unethical behavior when it takes place and stands firm in their convictions of the Party principals and values.

        When those three conditions are met my faith in the Party will be restored and I will be happy to attend the Party meetings.

      5. As obvious as you have made yourself RR I think most will have an idea who this is and I am convinced I do. Thanks for the lovely Christmas card by the way. Why not use your real name when you post. I have never thought you to be a coward. I would not hold my breath on that apology from the leader you have issue with. I don’t think she cares that you do not want to be involved in the PCRC in fact she probably prefers it that way.

      6. RR.
        Prov. 29:22 An angry man stirreth up strife, and a furious man aboundeth in transgression. RR I believe we have had this conversation before. In fact last I recall you were not too fond of me for not allowing personal attacks or vendetta’s on the TEA Party wall. I do not believe your motives to support me are pure here. I think you still have the same agenda as you had before and that is revenge and vindictiveness against a wrong done to you. Forgiveness is saying I give up my right to get revenge and unforgiveness is like drinking poison expecting the other person to get sick it is a cancer that will consume you if you let it. RR I hope you get back to being the person I once believed you to be before the anger took over. Sometimes we have no choice but to let go and let God. I am praying that your heart is healed soon because I still believe you have so much to offer our community. I know you are hurt and what happened was not fair but it is time to press on and move forward. I believe you can do this.

      7. Lynette – I think you have me confused with someone else. There are many on this blogsite who choose to post anonymously. This is still a free County the last time I checked.

        Sorry you doubt the genuiness of my support for you.

        I choose to use the pen name of Ronald Reagan to get the attention of my fellow Parker County Republicans in hopes of jolting their thought processes regarding the direction their Leadership is taking them. I don’t think I am alone in wanting to see the Leadership of our Party change.

        Apparantly I was somewhat successful in jolting the thought processes of one on this blogsite by the use of my pen name. “The Reaper” seems intent upon infringing on my right to free speech here.

        I’ll remind “The Reaper” of a quote from one of our founding Fathers.

        “Occasionally the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.” ― Thomas Jefferson

        I think if our Founding Fathers had kept their “traps shut” in the face of British Tyranny we would not exist as the Country today.

        So on that note I will not remain silent in the face of Tyranny. I will get on my horse like Paul Revere and shout to the roof tops exposing this Tyranny.

    2. With respect only to the “True” Mr Reagan….I dare say you are not even close. It may be an overlooked thought for you, or maybe your mother never taught you that, “If you didn’t have anything nice to say, maybe you should just shut your trap.” There are quite a few reasons for this. One of the more obvious reasons is clearly that it is destructive and fixes nothing! While it may feel as though you have been vindicated to some extent, you have only made yourself look childish and bitter.
      I think most readers would agree that there is very little love lost for Zan in this forum, but you should really look long and hard at yourself in the mirror, and just get over it! Your bait is rancid and putrid.

      Keep a few things in mind. First, “what ever is pure, good, and lovely….if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things.” Second, if your without sin…feel free, but if not… I hope you will also remember, judgement is never received very well and I can assure you from experience that it will come. It would be much better if a millstone were tied around your neck, when it does. This country will always be just what we have, with people such as yourself.
      The tactics haven’t changed…to steal, kill, and destroy! What differences have you made with this attitude?

      1. The Reaper- as you call yourself. I will wholeheartedly agree with Ronald Reagan’s opinion of our Parker County Republican Party Leadership.

        I am one of many who hold those same opinions. If you don’t believe me then why are there two different Republican Women’s Groups in our County. It would seem to me the reason for the rift is crystal clear here.

        I will say one thing in encouragement to Lynette. Remain stedfast and pure in your work if elected to this honorable position. You are one of many I hope that we see rise up and begin to change the direction of our Party.

      2. Mr./Ms Creaper – You may count me as another who shares similar opinions of our Parker County Republican Party Leadership as expressed by Ms. Jones and Mr. Reagan. I think your words “rancid” and “putrid” are most befitting in decribing the leadership of the Republican Party here in Parker County. So I will borrow them here in this post if I may.

        Ms. Jones, I think you have made an excellent point regarding the lack of confidence in our Republican Party Leadership by the existence of two Republican Women Groups in our County. I’ll make another point as food for thought here as well to draw to light to folks that this is just not a figment of our imaginations.

        If you examine the number of votes cast by the Parker County Republican Party in every election you will find them appalling low in comparison to the average vote percentages in other Counties similar to our size. Matter of fact voter apathy amongst Republicans continues to have an upward trend here despite new growth in our County. That would tend to point to a lack of confidence in our Party and its Leadership amongst the other Republican members of our Community wouldn’t you say?

        I ask Lynette to forgive me for using this forum to make these points but I didn’t want others to think what Mr. Reagan was saying had no validity.

        I am glad to see Lynette stepping up and wanting to take the reigns in her Precinct. I pray others follow her and we breathe new vitality in the Parker County Republican Party so that the people’s confidence that their vote matters can be restored.

      3. This comment is addressed to Jim Smith, or Sandra Jones, or Ronald Reagan, or whatever alias you choose to use next – perhaps your real name – Eric Matthews. Your blog fingerprint is all over this blog. It is the green and white logo that accompanies each of your comments no matter what name you use. You may try to hide behind another alias, but everyone knows who you are, so please stop the charade and accept responsibility for your words.

        I speak only for myself when I say I find your flippant use of the name Ronald Reagan to be highly offensive. When I see you, I see nothing that resembles Ronald Reagan whatsoever!

        I have but one request of you; please use your exceptional intellect to build up – not pull down. Concentrate on the good in those around you. We know our faults. We don’t need you to point them out.

        There is usually at least one in every organization that our spiritual enemy works within to cause disruption and animosity. Eric Matthews, are you the one in our midst?

        We all want to see Lynette succeed. Please stay focused on the task at hand and help Lynette win.

    3. Mark- you have articulated my thoughts on this issue so much better than I could have. Thx 🙂

  10. It all starts at the Precinct level in politics. It takes someone that is involved in all aspects and has a zest for the common good of their precinct. Lynette is that person. Over the past several years she has helped to make the Tea Party in Parker County what it is today. She is a strong Christian woman who loves her country and wants to see it return to it’s founding principles. Lynette cares for the people of her precinct and will be there for any questions, concerns or needs they may have. She will be devoted to her post and help re-establish the conservative values to her precinct.

  11. The citizens of Pct.400 are lucky to have such a patriot like Lynette McCracken. She has been in the front lines fighting against the intrusive liberal government for years. We need strong leadership in 2012 to secure our conservative needs. We cannot allow the Rino representation to pollute our belief’s. Lynette is a proven leader in my book because she was born and raised a true conservative by a gunsmith that has fought for our rights to bare arms. Lynette will always do the right thing for you, will you do the right thing and vote for her? YOUR VOTE, YOUR VOICE!

    1. Lynette has a kind and loving heart and won’t speak ill of no one. She has swallowed hard and tried to mend fences only to be taken advantage of, or attempts were made to take advantage of her which failed miserably because we, her friends and admirers stood our ground and took her part. She will be victorious in her race for Precinct Chair because she is the right person for the job, and has the unbridled support of the True Conservatives. We are extremely lucky to have her. I know she doesn’t like this phrase, but I’ll say it anyway “Oust a RINO”.
      Let’s all get behind Lynette and make it a landslide victory to show the incumbents that the times they are a’changing.
      Jack Cavenah

  12. I am so excited to have such an energetic and strong person running for my precinct’s chair.
    I have known Lynette for only three years but in those years have seen a person with tireless energy when it comes to working for the values of our country. I have seen a person who puts her priorities in the right order of God, Family and Country.

    I am so proud of her efforts to let the Republican Party of Parker County see that the members of the Tea Party are not a threat to the Republican Party but a return to the conservative values that the party once stood strong and defended. It is that ability to work with people that will make her a strong asset to the precinct.

    As Mr. Leatherman said in his post, it is time that the current precinct chair step aside and let such an energetic person from a younger generation take the position. We will then be able to have well run elections, caucus meetings that are advertised and held properly and a precinct that is well informed on upcoming elections.

    We look forward to that day.

  13. I have known Lynette for years and it is rare indeed to find one who cares so deeply about their community and has the initiative to make a difference. I am sure Lynette will do a wonderful job in this position.

  14. Mark – My name is Sandra Jones. I am not an alias of another. Look me up in the phone book I’m there.

  15. Mr. Mark I’m not to savvy on computer stuff or what you think you know. I’m in the phone book as well. Give me a call and I will give you an earful.

  16. Mark you are some kind of computer genius aren’t you. How about giving us your last name so we know your true identity. Sounds like I got off on the wrong foot with you for some reason. Do me a favor my friend…next time you have a problem with me have guts enough to telephone me. I won’t bite. My phone number is (682)556-9248. Otherwise please refrain from using my name in vain. Lynette I wish you all the best in your campaigning. If elected I’m sure you will be very successful and serve the people with honor.

    1. Eric, or Edith, or Sandra, or Jim, or whatever alias you choose to use next time, crawl out from behind all the aliases and stand up like a man, and then perhaps I will share my family name with you. Until then –

  17. Folks,

    I hope we can maintain a degree of mutual respect as we work to get Lynette elected. I believe her election will excite and encourage a large group of people who need only to be motivated by Lynette’s example, to become involved in the process that safeguards our future as a free and prosperous people.

    1. Thanks Lenny for your comments. While there may be some very strong feelings on the leadership of the Parker County Republican Party, let us not forget that this section is focused on supporting Lynette’s campaign efforts.

      Another blog or thread can be used for PCRP leadership complaints.

      I applaud Lynette for making the effort to bridge the gap between those in the Tea Party and the Republican Party leadership. It is just another example of why she will be a good Precinct Chair.

  18. Go get ’em girl win it and send that pin-head packing!!! She’s running against one of the main individuals who took our gun rights away.. Go Lynette Go!!!

  19. Talk is cheap, until more members of the Republician party Parker County stand with people like Ronal Regan, whoever that is, regardless of the nasty attacks that will come their way. The leadership of the party is not acceptable to anyone who wishes to work within the rules. Real harm has been done to numerous folks who have tried to oppose the Chair and her actions.

    Until that is changed this blogger will not work on any effort that will be touched by the current chair. I am afraid a lot of folks are just waiting and hoping for change, too afraid of retaliation to act. How this situation has been allowed to continue for so long is not a commpliment to the large membership. I hope Lynette McCracken is successful, but she will be in the minority as a Prec. Chair. Most of that group follow the current chair’s wishes unquestioning regardless of the rules. She will not last long if she does not join the rest going along.

    1. Watcher,

      The way I see it we can disagree on issues without being disagreeable with others. Like I have said before, the leadership like it or not. is not the party. If you choose to take yourself out of serving or being involved with the party because of what someone else does or does not do in leadership then you have given them control over you and waved the white flag of surrender. You are either part of working for the bigger picture or you are not. I would encourage you to change your perspective on that. There are many wonderful people in the R party and some great Precinct Chairs I know very well. If you don’t know all the Precinct Chairs don’t paint with such a broad brush. It maybe easy to get the mindset that one bad apple in any group makes the whole bunch bad, but that is simply not the case. I would also say anyone that knows me well, knows I do not just go along with everything without careful research and consideration.

      1. Good luck with all that Lynette. Your biggest problem is being more than a little naive. When you sell your integrity to get ahead or approval of the current chair the cost has ripples that are really wide. Don’t worry about my participation in the local government political arena I am doing just fine.

  20. Watcher,

    I believe if you truly stand for something and you want to be taken seriously you should start by using your own name. Though your writing style and sharp judgement (with a bit of piety thrown in) gives you away; and in saying that, you should know by now that I do not budge on my positions no matter how hard you have tried to convince me with link after link of your favorite Presidential candidate. Maybe I am not quite so naive now after all…Still I respect your opinions even though you do not seem very respectful of those who disagree with you. I believe you to have a real problem with authority of any kind and that is why you being a “Libertarian” suits you so well, but I am not a Libertarian. I am a Conservative. I never claimed to be anything but that. I think my record shows I am not afraid to stand up to the Republican leadership when need be and I have about 75 witnesses to say that I have done so and a video tape to prove it. I would rather be a peacemaker when I can, but in your opinion, if I work with the R Party that makes me a sell out, yet you Libertarians are constantly talking less war and advocating discussion with our enemies etc… maybe you should bring that idea down to more of a personal level. Just a thought 😉

  21. Beep!! you are wrong! Not a libertarian. I hope very much you are able to win and fill that seat. I am just sure you really do not realize the extent of the trouble you will receive as Prec. chair if you in any way oppose the wishes of the current chair. The greed for and the love of power over others is a dangerous thing. The motivation for her actions,the current chair, is a question many would really like to understand. Why do the majority in the Republican Party allow this situation to continue? You are correct that there are a lot of folks who would love to see her gone as chair. Access to the by-laws and rules has been denied those who have tried to use policies and procedures to affect a change in leadership. the state claims not to be able to help with this problem. Hopefully a brave patriot will come forward soon and give everyone who wishes for change an opportunity to vote one in. Otherwise the future of the local party is in trouble for sure. Folks will not stay around and tolerate bad treatment and behavior forever. One sided elections are also becomming boring.

  22. Hard-working, energetic grassroots leaders who have a consistent conservative compass, the courage to make the right decision, even when it’s hard, and who are so personally grounded by their faith so as to not be seduced by the appearances and trappings of power are the soul of our party. Lynette meets this test in spades. With great enthusiasm I wish her well and lend her my support in her campaign. The folks of Parker County precinct 400 will be well served by her leadership.

    1. Lenny Leatherman

      Thank you Michael, for your endorsement of Lynette. Your assessment is totally accurate. Lynette’s contagious enthusiasm and exceptional ability to turn chaos into unity is a talent that is sorely needed in the Parker County Republican Party.

  23. Lynette McCracken running for a Precinct Chair should give all a charge of electricity running through their bodies that know her. Lynette is a high energy and joyous individual that is nothing less than a Christian Consitutional Conservative. She is not only knowledgeable in local issues but aware of State and National concerns.
    Today, WE the Unitied States Citizen face many decisions. The decision starts at the local level.. it is called grass root conservatism. From the grassroots, we shall rise. I believe Lynette is a wonderful seed planted in the county in which you live and has the full potential of being more than even she can believe. Solid core conservative values unaltered by the scrutiny of the outside will take one a long way. Lynette has solid core conservative values that are demonstrated through conversation among not only our peers but the young at heart.
    The Bible first!,,, in which the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence was founded on is what Lynette represents. Can you ask for more? I think not!
    Lynette will not let you down! I truely wish she was in my district.

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