Russell appeal continues

Clara and Johnnie Russell won a hearing Thursday necessary to continue their appeal of a $7,200 judgement in Justice of the Peace Court for refusing to take down a Wake Up America sign.

From the Weatherford Democrat, by Christin Coyne (CNHI), January 10, 2012 –

PARKER COUNTY — A small sign posted near the roadway at the end of a cul-de-sac in Remuda Ranch Estates has garnered plenty of attention in national and local media after the homeowners refused to remove the sign and were given a $7,200 fine in a Justice of the Peace decision.

The lawsuit was kept alive Thursday when an appeal regarding a denial of the couple’s affidavit of inability to pay for an appeal was granted in County Court at Law No. 2, allowing Clara and Johnnie Russell to continue fighting the judgement against them.

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2 responses

  1. What I found very interesting is that Shelby Dougherty tells the reporter that they have a survey scheduled for Tuesday, but she fails to inform or ask permission of the Russells. Instead, she brings a survey crew and trespasses on the Russells land causing a trespass warning to be given to her by the Parker County law enforcement.
    Would it not have been common courtesy to talk to the Russells about the survey?
    90% of the problems in Remuda could be solved if the board members would take time to talk to the residents instead of just running to the courts and wasting the money of the association.

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