The Push for Voter ID Laws

From The Heritage Foundation, by Tierra Warren, January 4, 2012 – Acording to a new Rasmussen report, 70 percent of Americans believe voter identification, such as a driver’s license, should be required in order to vote.

Nonetheless, Attorney General Eric Holder intends to examine new state laws that require photo ID before voting for potential racial bias.

Heritage Foundation legal scholar Hans Von Spakovsky explains there is no evidence to support claims of racial bias:

quote Election data in Georgia demonstrate that concern about a negative effect on the Democratic or minority vote is baseless. Turnout there increased more dramatically in 2008 — the first presidential election held after the state’s photo-ID law went into effect — than it did in states without photo ID. Georgia had a record turnout in 2008, the largest in its history — nearly 4 million voters. And Democratic turnout was up an astonishing 6.1 percentage points from the 2004 election, the fourth-largest increase of any state. The black share of the statewide vote increased from 25 percent in 2004 to 30 percent in 2008, according to the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. According to Census Bureau surveys, 65 percent of the black voting-age population voted in the 2008 election, compared with only 54.4 percent in 2004, an increase of more than ten percentage points. quote

Read Heritage’s in-depth report on voter ID: “Without Proof: The Unpersuasive Case Against Voter Identification,” by von Spakovsky and Alex Ingram.

That report points to a study of 36,000 voters conducted by American University, which found that only “23 people in the entire sample—less than one-tenth of one percent of reported voters” were unable to vote because of an ID requirement.”

It’s no wonder many Americans support voter ID laws given evidence that voter fraud continues to plague our elections.

What do you think? Should Americans be required to present a government-issued ID to vote?

The Unintended Consequences of Congress’ SOPA Proposal

Proposed new legislation to combat online piracy and protect property rights, the Stop Online Piracy Act, would have unintended but harmful consequences, a Heritage Foundation expert says.

“The bill would strengthen restrictions on foreign-based rogue websites, while imposing new obligations on U.S.-based firms that facilitate their operation,” Heritage’s James Gattuso writes. “The legislation addresses a legitimate problem, but it may have unintended negative consequences for the operation of the Internet and free speech.”

Read Gattuso’s full report to find out more about SOPA’s effects.

What do you think? How tightly should the government regulate the Internet?

Heritage Work of Note

A key part of The Heritage Foundation’s mission is to help change the national debate on key issues. That’s why we aim to get our material into newspapers and magazines and our experts on the radio and TV. Here’s one example of this work paying off: the Wikipedia page about the Obama Doctrine relies heavily on Heritage research and analysis. The entry on the collaborative encyclopedia cites three separate Heritage articles:

James Carafano on the president’s national security strategy; Kim Holmes on the Obama Doctrine’s pitfalls; and

Ray Walser on America’s Latin America strategy.

Share with us where you see Heritage materials referenced online or in the media on myHeritage.

Every year, it’s the same ole resolutions. You want to lose weight, eat healthier, stop swearing, etc. But more often than not, these resolutions crash and burn just as quickly as they’re started. So rather than drastically try to change your life, why not start with a more modest goal? Let’s try to change the way conservatives speak. With an important year for freedom upon us, it is important to use words and embrace ideas that are consistent with our nation’s Founding principles. The Heritage Foundation’s David Azerrad suggests four simple resolutions to begin getting right with America’s principles.

In Other News

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney won Tuesday night’s Iowa caucus, besting former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum by eight votes. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) announced Wednesday she will suspend her campaign after coming in sixth.

“In a defiant display of executive power, President Barack Obama on Wednesday will buck GOP opposition and name Richard Cordray as the nation’s chief consumer watchdog even though the Senate contends the move is inappropriate,” the AP reports.

Colorado Christian University is taking Obamacare to federal court. The university claims the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare violates the school’s religious beliefs.

The European Union has agreed to ban Iranian crude oil imports. While the embargo date has not been established, the agreement comes on the heels of new financial sanctions imposed by United States.

The top Super Bowl ad sold for $4 million dollars as ad inventory on NBC sells out. The average 30-second ad goes for $3.5 million dollars.

3 responses

  1. Senator-Blutarsky

    Lets see……….US “rulers” adopt a de facto policy of WIDE OPEN BORDERS, since Reagans’ cute little amnesty back in the 1980s.

    Then we have a “problem” with votes by illegals.

    So our “rulers” try to push REAL ID on us, because of the problem THEY deliberately allowed. And todays thinly-disguised solution called ” Voter” ID.

    The common sense solution would be to close the borders and send all illegals back home, including their anchor babies. But your rulers are playing Hegel’s Dialectic for their benefit.

    Your “rulers” have suckered you in to dealing with a SYMPTOM, not the CAUSE !

  2. The symtom cost billions $ . The state of texas is afraid to publish the amount that it cost us in education, medical care, and state and local services that are handed out to illegals each year. Refer to Jose illegal in previous post. Cost of illegals in our area were posted about a year ago on ask Phil. I have seen little or nothing to combat this rising cost. The State rep says that it is the Fed’s responsibility to control the border and determine imigration policy, but I don’t believe that is protecting legal Texas residents. One of the things that I have noticed is there are no legislative reps in congress putting Bills in the system to correct this problem, not even Dr. Paul. Now where is the common sense in this.

    Also, Property Taxes are due again. and that property that has been paid off for years is now costing one one more time. Where is that user tax or sales tax that will do away with property taxes. I guess these comments are a little light weight, compared to the major contributors to this blog, but here it is.

  3. Senator-Blutarsky

    Stan – excellent comments. This issue is a cancer that is eating us alive.

    I have a friend who is an MD in Dallas – we occasionally discuss issues that come through his clinic, such as TB for which he has no current, viable treatment. The 3rd-world diseases are a monster of an issue.

    I can hear Ross Perot talking about that “giant sucking sound” nearly 20 years ago, and he had likely never thought of the communicable 3rd world diseases being brought to us, as well as the other billions in cost that are crippling us taxpayers.

    All at the expense of “globalism” as the Bush criminals pushed.

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