Rick Green from Wall Builders coming to Parker County

Rick Green

Rick Green – an outspoken advocate of returning to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

I am very excited about a wonderful opportunity that has opened up for Parker County. Rick Green of Wall Builders, one of the most dynamic and inspirational speakers in America today is coming to Parker County to teach all who wish to participate a condensed version of his Constitution Class. He equips, empowers and challenges about 100,000 people a year in live audiences to learn about the constitution.

He passionately explains the bedrock principles which lead to America’s place as the most successful nation in the history of the world. He is an outspoken advocate of returning to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

He will be here on January 7th in the late afternoon/evening for his three hour Constitution Class. It cost 25.00 per person or 35.00 per couple or 45.00 per family to participate in this exceptional training. A 15.00 book titled The Constitution Made Easy is included in the registration. Children 13 and under are free and all are welcome to attend. So if you are a couple with children who are under 13 you are invited to attend for 35.00, if you are a couple with at least one child 14 and over then your fee would be 45.00 for your whole family.

I wish I could express how exceptional I have found this training to be. This is an excellent opportunity for all of us in Parker County. I see this as a wonderful addition to any high schooler’s education, to any tea partier’s education, to any constituents education, to any teacher’s education… Ok, you get the point, no matter who you are you do not want to miss this opportunity.

What is the role of the Judiciary? Can you describe the process of amending the Constitution? What rights are protected in the First Amendment? What is nullification and is it constitutional? If you know the answers to these questions, you know more about our constitution than most politicians.

We need to know that we have enough people interested to hold the event in Parker County. We will attempt to put it in a central location, to be announced at a later date. And we are looking at the time being 4-7 or 5-8 (no food included).

So please email me asap as to weather you would be interested and how many would be attending with you and I will let Mr Green know that we have a green light to host. I will secure a place to hold the event. (please let me know what group you are affiliated with when you email, as I am sending this to a couple of groups.)

Please contact LeAnn Russell at mom@hvnbound.org

Your interest in this matter is appreciated –
Jana Powell
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