Erick Erickson: On The Senate

Erick Erickson

From RedState, by Erick Erickson, Wednesday, December 14th at 11:54AM EST – According to the vote count that leaked out, Senator Roy Blunt became Senate Republican Conference Vice Chairman with 25 votes and Senator Ron Johnson lost with 22 votes.

Let me be up front that I genuinely like Roy Blunt. But I also think Senator Blunt is part of the status quo problem in Washington. My support of Ron Johnson was about Ron Johnson being a guy from a state hard for the GOP to win who has fresh, conservative ideas and isn’t in Washington raiding the budget to send back home.

But such a guy is anathema to the Senate GOP leadership. Our work is not done. But there are races across the country where we can help turn the tide and get a set of Senate Republicans who will turn the tide, who will fight for fiscal sanity and a smaller Washington. The odds are in the GOP’s favor to take back the Senate.

We need to increase the odds that conservatives take back the Senate GOP. It is a long fight. But here are some candidates who will help. There are links you can follow to give them money and, if you choose not to give to them, please at least consider the Senate Conservatives Fund.


In Arizona, Representative Jeff Flake is running. He is a no nonsense budget cutter who will side with the conservative wing of the Republican Senate Caucus and has never been afraid to stand up to the leadership.


There has been a sudden infatuation in the primary with Rep. Connie Mack, but while his voting record in the House was conservative, he never proved himself to be a guy willing to stand up to leadership and actually fight. I’m sticking with Adam Hasner who, during this campaign season, has proven himself to be in lock step with the conservative movement. He was one of the first candidates for the Senate to say he too would support Ron Johnson and he is not wedded to Mitch McConnell as leader.


Here is one where we can pick up a good seat overall. Richard Mourdock, the State Treasurer of Indiana, is running in the primary against Senator Dick Lugar. Not only do we have the chance to add a conservative to the Senate, but we have the chance to pick off a squishy Republican in the process.


The Senate GOP does not like Don Stenberg. They say that Stenberg ran once statewide for the Senate and lost. This is true. What they do not tell you is that Stenberg was winning that race until the genius head of the NRSC, a guy named Mitch McConnell at the time, ran a bunch of uncoordinated, nasty, and fatuous ads against Stenberg’s opponent, causing a media firestorm that hurt Don Stenberg in the final two weeks of the campaign. Stenberg did everything right, McConnell did everything wrong, and now McConnell wants to do everything he can to stop Stenberg from getting to the Senate. That should be reason enough to support Stenberg.


There is no finer choice in Ohio than Josh Mandel. He’s already proven he can get votes statewide. He has a military background and he is fundamentally a small government conservative. And it would be a real win for the nation if we picked off the socialist Sherrod Brown with the conservative Josh Mandel.


Do I need to say anything more than Ted Cruz? Seriously? The guy is a rock star and will join Mike Lee in Senate constitutional awesomeness once he gets to the Senate. The former Solicitor General of Texas, Cruz knows a thing or two about the constitution and he’s not afraid to stand up to the Senate GOP leadership.

Thus far in Campaign 2012, these are my candidates for the Senate. If you poured your heart into getting Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Pat Toomey, and Rand Paul into the Senate, you should join me in supporting these guys. They are the next wave of conservatives to take on the Senate GOP and move the country right.

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