GB TV: The Truth Lives Here – HOA Petty Tyrants in Parker County

Question:  Should petty tyrants who cause distress by imposing their will on others using psychological pressure and other forms of intimidation rather than physical force be considered psychological terrorists? 

From the Glenn Beck Show: Trouble in Texas

Some of the residents in the Remuda Ranch Home Owners Association say they are afraid to speak openly about the manner in which some on the HOA board threaten residents and that residents who have expressed opposition to the will of board members have been sued and or had their property vandalized.

If you are aware of threats and intimidation by board members, please share with other board members. You are not alone!

Is there not at least one person on the HOA board who has the character and the courage to stand against the tempestuous actions of this board, and speak out publically on behalf of the members?

Is there not at least one leader in that HOA who has the courage and the ability to organize the HOA membership against the tyrannical members on the board and VOTE THEM OUT?

May I suggest to the members of the Remuda Ranch Home Owners Association that no one can solve your problem for you.  Only you can do something about it.

Identifying a problem is a simple task. Finding the courage to do something about it however, is another matter.

Some believe this entire fiasco that has gone viral on the internet and has received national TV coverage, was brought about by the obstinance and arrogance of a very small number of petty tyrants on the Remuda Ranch HOA board. Unfortunately, it has tarnished the reputation of the whole Remuda Ranch community. That’s shameful!

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  1. Residents in this HOA have been asked to join together to defeat the elections and re-elections of the board members. There is too much fear of retaliation and the board had the money. They have spent the association broke so maybe they will be stopped. The same people are elected to the board over and over again because their supporters are organized and over ride the rest of the association by voting at large rather than by zone as intended by the bylaws..

    One member has been sued and retaliated against and spyed on because of standing against them. This has caused others to not want to bring the attention of the board on them. The board has 7 members out of the 219 property owners in the association, but the board has had the intimidation factor and the funds. To speak to a board member of anything you disagree with is to invite retaliation so members of the association will not speak to the board if they can keep from it.

    1. Lenny Leatherman


      You have my respect and admiration because you earned it! You earned it by being a stand-up guy who speaks truth and will not be intimidated into silence! Don’t stop and don’t become discouraged.

      As far your Remuda neighbors who find it easier to cower in the corner than to stand against local tyranny, I have one question and a comment:

      Question: What is the maximum range of an excuse?

      Comment: (Repeated from an earlier blog) Our standards are best determined, not by what we say they are, but by what we are willing to tolerate.

      You are demonstrating your standards if you live in Remuda and choose to stand by in silence while you and your neighbors are being oppressed and abused by these petty HOA tyrants.

      1. Regarding the last paragraph of your post: I have NEVER stood by in silence and NEVER will. I have fought these S.O.B.’s when no one else would, and will continue to do so as long as I draw breath.

        I have won every lawsuit against them, whether filed by them or me, for the simple reason that I was right and they were wrong. They just cannot grasp the fact that they can be wrong, and it is really a pity. They have plundered the treasury and squandered the residents’ money and have absolutely NOTHING to show for it!!

        As my Grandmother was prone to say “A pox upon their house and all who live within”.

        I wish them nothing but the worst of luck in all their endeavors. We will start the getting even process by getting Lynette McCracken elected to voting precinct 400 chair, and telling the Rino who occupies that seat to “hit the road”.
        Jack Cavenah

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