Petty Tyrants Posing as Remuda Estates HOA Board Members

Dawn King

Hello Patriots,

Clara Russell was invited to discuss her ordeal with the over reaching Remuda Estates HOA on the Glenn Beck Radio show at 10:30 TODAY.
To catch you up… Clara and Johnnie were sued for having a “Wake Up America” sign posted on a tree on their property. The President of the Remuda Ranch Home Owners Ass. lives across the street… from Clara and didn’t bother to knock on their door to discuss the situation. He went straight to litigation.
During the election he had a HUGE Obama sign posted in his front yard…make the connection yourself.
The Russell’s represented themselves during the hearing and Clara presented 17 other pictures of Remuda Ranch Home Owners with signs in their yards…from Bearcat signs to people advertising their business. The President of the HOA had signs advertising a yard sale. All of this evidence was dismissed by Judge Lynn Johnson.
This atrocity has caught fire on the internet, radio and newspapers around the country. Clara was on the Glenn Beck radio show today at 10:30 AND THE RUSSELL’S ARE BEING FLOWN TO NEW YORK ON MONDAY TO BE ON GLENN BECK’S SHOW!!! – More details to follow.
Here is a link to the Glenn Beck website…
Please pray for the Russell’s – they are representing all of us as a voice for conservative values.
“for such a time as this”
Dawn King
The TEA Party Patriots of Parker County
One definition of a “tyrant”:  Any person in a position of authority who exercises power oppressively or despotically.  I cannot think of a better example than members of the Remuda Ranch Home Owners Association!
Our standards are best determined, not by what we say, but by what we are willing to tolerate.  You are demonstrating your standards if you live in Remuda and choose to stand by in silence while your neighbors are being opressed and abused by these petty tyrants. 
Stand up and speak up. You cannot make a difference by remaining silent! 
Lenny Leatherman

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  1. That HOA is obviously out of control and needs to be educated on what is right and what is wrong as does the judge. Very disappointed in Judge Lynn Johnson, she will need to be replaced in the next election!

  2. LeAnn the Law is the Law, change the law not the judge that rules based on the rule of law not based on politics! I think this all stinks to high heaven also, but going after the wrong people does not help the situation. Changing the law is the only right way to handle this. I don’t care about the politics of the HOA. I do care that the people of the state of Texas continue to sleep at the wheel at let the tyrant lawyers impose rules that are obviously anti land owner rights activists. You get what you allow to happen and this is the prime example.

    1. “I do care that the people of the state of Texas continue to sleep at the wheel at let the tyrant lawyers impose rules that are obviously anti land owner rights activists. You get what you allow to happen and this is the prime example.”

      Excellent response Jack! “You get what you allow to happen.”
      Do you mind if I use that quote – it’s brief but powerful.

      1. Be my guest Lenny, unfortunately here lately this country is, Getting what they allowed to happen, and it is about time to make something right happen.

    2. The intent of the law is not to use “selective enforcement” or self-dealing practices and the judge should have known that when she ruled. Suing others for that of which you are guilty because you have authority is called “self-dealing” and it’s illegal. Going after the judge is appropriate since she should have assigned the case to another court due to her bias influenced by her freindship. The law is for everybody or nobody and judges that can’t rule accordingly should be removed from the bench. That’s why we have elections to remove idiot judges such as Judge Lynn Johnson.

      1. law4all, as in any ongoing event, information available changes daily. I have seen the two documents now being refered to, and have seen many unsubstantiated statements about facebook chatter concerning the Judge. If this all becomes documented evidence then I would say yes the Judge has a problem, but I wait to crucify anyone until The proper officials rule on the evidence. In the meantime the specticle of live day time soap opera is alive and well here in Parker County. The court of public opinion has already convicted so lets see how the other court proceeds.

  3. There seems to be an awful lot of injustice happening in our county. This latest is past shocking. If we do not wake up to the danger all our civil rights will be gone. WE live in a society where if the WOLF IS NOT AT MY DOOR I” hear no evil or see no evil”. The property owners inRamuda Estates need to clean house and get out the vote to remove a judge who clearly is more interested in fees and fines than justice. Changeing the laws that are bad and voting out judges and other civil servants who do not serve the best interests of our citizens is the way to go. The citizens of Weatherford have a similar problem with their city council. Why the majority who do not vote put up with being treated unfairly is a mystery. The power is with the majority not the minority.

  4. the way things are those ows protestors who really don’t know why they protest can thunb their nose at laws, but those who desire to live in peace and by the law have their rights trampled on by unjust individuals, whether they be presidents, legislators, judges attorneys, self appointed people of authority who never lived by the law until they had to use it to silence or censor thought they cannot handle. The hypocrites that try to oppose thought might look around and see their is alot of anger rising throughout the land- how long will those who have been unjustly denied their rights let this go on before taking it to those who seriously need an long overdue correction in the woodshed- I pity the idiots who think they’ll continue without incurring the rath they deserve!


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