The fruit of socialism in Detroit

by Lenny Leatherman – Our reason for posting “Detroit” by Frosty Wooldridge was to help readers recognize the extreme danger to the American way of life that is so cleverly camouflaged by socialism/unionism. Many believe it is part of a  protracted spiritual attack on America that is embedded in socialism.

I believe an entitlement culture emerged in Detroit from a false sense of security that came in the form of a welfare check and a union job!  That ‘security’ morphed into a monster that destroyed a beautiful dynamic city.

Before socialism crept in.

Images in Wooldridge’s article give readers a sense of the destruction, but to fully grasp the magnitude of the carnage, one must walk the streets where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness once flourished. Sadly, all that remains is a remnant of the late great Detroit.

Creeping socialism has been the underlying agenda of the left for more years than I have been alive.  We can now see with incredible clarity the fruit of their labor in Detroit!  Unintended consequences – Perhaps.  But the consequences speak for themselves!

Where do we go from here?

Identifying and complaining about the problem without solutions and the courage to do something about it will accomplish absolutely nothing.

Don’t just stand there and complain – do something!

“What can I do”, you ask?  Become involved in your local city and county governments. Run for public office. If you do not choose to run for public office, get involved in the campaign of candidates in whom you have complete trust and confidence. Work to help elect social/fiscal conservatives, and to defeat career politicians
with liberal voting records.

Not a single official at any level of government inherited his or her position. We either elected them, or we failed to prevent their election!  We deserve the officials we elect to govern us!

Bottom line –

If you’re not engaged in the battle to defeat socialism in America, then you are as much a part of the problem as those who support it!

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