Bullying is alive and well at Weatherford City Hall – free speech is a casulty!

Weatherford City Hall

My husband, Sid Johnson, was removed from his position on the Transportation Board without due process, notification, or his resignation.

He was invited to the Executive Session of the 8/23 council meeting because they were concerned about his blogs.  Council felt he was too critical of the city and was trying to censure him.  Sid knows more about a lot of the inner-workings in this town than do some council members.  Is this why they’re so afraid of him?  He was later contacted and told that nothing would be discussed in the Executive Session.  Maybe the blogs weren’t discussed (do we believe that?), but the council made a motion to fill his “unexpired term” when they got to the public meeting.  It should be noted that this council has been told several times that discussing board appointments in Executive Session is in violation of the Open Meetings Act.

Apparently, the taxpayers cannot criticize or question the omnipotents on the Council without being publicly humiliated and emotionally persecuted.  And those humiliated are selected based on personal dislikes and vendettas.  Several years ago, a group of of wanted change on the Utility Board and requested that a couple of members be removed.  We were told that ‘due process’ had to occur.  Where was Sid’s ‘due process’?  What happened to free speech in this town?

Changes have got to be made on the Weatherford City Council!  Two of the current members grew up here and even worked for my family, but don’t care that when they publicly ridicule my husband they ridicule me, too.  The other two members are newcomers who were encouraged to run to be rubber stamps.  The Council is spending way too much of our money on projects that smell like personal agendas.  They have passed ordinances based on aesthetics, not health and safety, that cost property owners a lot of money and use mental intimidation to enforce them.  And, as we know, they will remove a city board or committee member that refused to bow and scrape to their power trip and has the guts to tell when they’re wrong.  Bullying is alive and well!

Carla Hollingsworth Johnson

Weatherford Mayor & City Council

If you have an opinion concerning this incident, contact Weatherford City Council.

2 responses

  1. Its a shame that this man’s opinion doesn’t matter, what ever happened to free speech? I hope these people gets put out of office. This is the matter with this country now. The people with the least amount of morals have taken over and it’s showing in every decision that’s made. Bully’s will lead us into the end of life as we know it. Is this what happened when Hitler took over, is history repeating it’s self?

  2. I am a Parker County resident, so have no say in Weathefords affairs. However I do all me shopping in Weatherford, went through all the public schools their and do have a say in the Schools, and the Hospital. I am concerned that you seem to have a perceived problem with openness in this city as does our County Government. If someone uses an open forum to address you, each organization has a responsibility to its citizens to answer the statement in that forum, that is what transparency is all about and if that bothers you, tough, you need to resign. I do not defend or even know what Sid has or hasn’t done, I only know what I read and Weatherford you have been challenged, why are your silent??? I saw a responce in the sunday Democrat, lets see one here.

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