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Videos expose VA officials and policies hurt widows burying their husbands

Kelly Shackelford

From Liberty Institute, by Kelly Shackelford, August 22, 2011 – Today’s two videos show the greatest and most disgusting facts yet about what the VA’s policies and procedures restricting the word “God” and prayer do to families dealing with the death of a loved one.

Liberty Institute just filed a second amended complaint in our lawsuit against the VA and Houston National Cemetery, adding widows Lisa Ward and Geri Lakey to the case alongside Pastor Scott Rainey, the VFW District 4, The American Legion Post 586, and the National Memorial Ladies.

Truth B*mb #3:

“I can’t redo my husbands funeral.”

When Lisa Ward was planning her husband’s funeral, she was told that Houston National Cemetery, where her husband (a 30-year veteran) would be buried, would not allow the full VFW burial ritual because it had the word “God” and included a prayer.

The full VFW ritual without exclusions was so important to Mrs. Ward that she chose to have the funeral service at a more expensive chapel nearby, though those in attendance could not see the members of the VFW Honor Guard as they performed the rifle salute and played Taps – they could only hear from afar.

The VA’s policies and procedures robbed Lisa of the funeral she wanted for her husband.

Truth B*mb #4

“It angers me that the National Cemetery is not wanting them to have (what they deserve).”

Geri Lakey’s wishes to have the VFW ritual performed at her husband’s funeral were nearly thwarted by a VA Official who lied to the VFW Honor Guard claiming that the family wanted the shortened VFW ritual (the full VFW Ritual, practiced for nearly 100 years, contains a prayer and speeches by the Commander and Chaplain, which the Houston National Cemetery has restricted).

Fortunately for Mrs. Lakey, the Commander of VFW Post 2427, Bill Shaffer, a good friend of the Lakey family, intervened to protect and respect the wishes of Mrs. Lakey.

Now, Geri Lakey joins this lawsuit to make sure that our veterans get the burial they deserve, one of their own choosing without government censorship or intervention.
Will you stand with these widows and our veterans?

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Watch Truth B*mb #1 here: “We Just Want to Do Our VFW Ritual.”
Watch Truth B*mb #2 here: “She told us to remove ‘God’ from our vocabulary.”

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