‘Devastating’ Effects for Military If Spending Is Cut

From The Heritage Foundation, by Tierra Warren, August 19,2011

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, earlier this week during a joint press conference in Washington, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said entitlement program spending is putting America is at risk. With entitlement programs consuming more than 60 percent of the federal budget, America cannot afford delays in reforms that would inevitably add to the pressure to shortchange national security funding.
The new debt super-committee, enacted as part of this month’s debt deal, is charged with reducing the deficit by $1.2 trillion over the 10 years. Failure to achieve these savings would automatically trigger defense spending cuts with “devastating effects” for national defense, as Panetta once again argued.
The Heritage Foundation’s Mackenzie Eaglen explains that the draconian cuts to our armed forces would result in a military ill-equipped to sustain its mission at home and around the world.

Secretary Panetta said any additional defense cuts—on top of the hundreds of billions over the past several years and hundreds of billions over the next 10 years—would result in a hollow force. The term “hollow force” describes the situation when readiness declines because the military does not have enough funding to provide trained and ready forces, support ongoing operations, and modernize simultaneously.Like a freshly painted house with no plumbing or wiring inside, the military may appear functional, but in reality it would be too poorly trained and equipped to be reliable without incurring excessive and unnecessary risk.

What are your thoughts on defense cuts? Continue reading on MyHeritage and be sure to leave your comments.

When asked why he’s a conservative, Heritage Young President’s Club member Tim Kachuriak responds, “I suppose the default answer is because I was raised that way. But it’s definitely not the same answer for my bride.”
Rebecca, Tim’s wife and a fellow Heritage Young President’s Club member, did not share the same conservative upbringing as her husband.
“Funny back-story, I was raised liberal,” Rebecca says. She admits she voted for Al Gore in 2000.

But despite differences in their ideological rearing, Tim and Rebecca have long held one fundamental belief in common: The sanctity of all human life. It is the pro-life cause that forms the core of their now shared conservative beliefs. After all, “without life,” Kachuriak explains, “all other issues are meaningless.”
For example, Tim, whose mother started the first crisis pregnancy center in his hometown, and whose father is an entrepreneur, successfully combined the lessons learned from his parents to start an innovative new internet program dedicated to saving unborn babies from abortion. The program Online for Life, now a year old, has verifiably saved 90 babies so far.

To find more on Tim and Rebecca and their efforts to promote conservatism among young Americans, visit MyHeritage today

Heritage Work of Note

  • “Europe’s socialist (or ‘social democratic’) welfare state is collapsing under the load of unsustainable debt,” write Heritage Foundation experts James Roberts and J.D. Foster.The European Union’s monetary policy failures are infecting the continent’s economy from the inside out. These policies are increasingly unmanageable as national debt burdens grow and growth prospects diminish further. To paraphrase an old saying: You can fool some of the credit markets all the time, and all the markets some of the time, but you cannot fool all the credit markets indefinitely. To ready why America shouldn’t follow Europe’s bad example on debt and spending, visit MyHeritage.
  • This week, the Heritage Foundation’s Nina Owcharenko and Todd Gaziano discuss the latest circuit court ruling against Obamacare with David Weinberger as the host. You can listen to the full podcast on MyHeritage.
  • As the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 approaches, it’s important to honor the victims and the heroes by not only remaining standing vigilant, but promising we will never quit the fight against terrorism. As Heritage’s Ericka Anderson writes, “Leading up to September 11, The Heritage Foundation will host a series of events and release critical research and analysis designed to educate America on the remaining threat and offer the right policy course to keep us safe. We will also call upon all Americans to join us in a display of unity once again. On Sunday, September 11, 2011, we hope that every neighborhood across the nation is flooded with American flags celebrating the lives of those we lost in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania and the heroism we witnessed, while also reminding each other that the fight to prevent another attack is not over. To find more on our events and research, be sure to visit MyHeritage daily.

In Other News

  • The Obama administration announced Thursday it would cancel deportation proceedings against certain illegal immigrants on a case-by-case basis. The White House had previously said it had to enforce the laws as written.
  • MSNBC reports that “three bisexual men have filed a federal lawsuit against a national gay-sports organization, claiming they were unfairly deemed not gay enough to play for a gay softball team during the Gay Softball World Series.”
  • President Obama issued an executive order Thursday creating a new bureaucracy that will create new rules “promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce,” whatever that means.
  • Warren Buffet thinks the $6.9 million he paid in 2010 wasn’t enough and wants to be taxed more. National Review points out he’s not alone. George Soros, Stephen King, and Matt Damon want to know why the “super rich” aren’t paying 50 percent in taxes? National Review’s response: go ahead rich libs, pay more.


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