Truth Bomb – the Obama Administration

from Liberty Institute –

Help Us Drop “Truth Bombs”We are aiming to make the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) set things right by making the truth known!Truth Bomb #1: We are releasing a series of videos featuring veterans and volunteers who were told by VA officials that they could not say “God” or pray at funeral services for fallen vets at the Houston National Cemetery.You must see this to believe it!
For more than 20 years, the VFW District 4 Honor Guard has performed the VFW burial ritual, which was written and approved by the VFW National Council of Administration nearly 100 years ago and includes prayers, speeches and references to God, at the Houston National Cemetery.The new Houston National Cemetery Director Arleen Ocasio told the VFW team that they could no longer do the entire almost century-old burial ritual that included prayer and speeches referring to God absent prior approval.  She did allow the flag folding and presentation, Taps, and the rifle salute.A cemetery employee also told VFW District 4 Honor Guard Chaplain Felix Sivcoski that he was not allowed to use the word “God” and Director Ocasio instructed Junior Vice Commander Nobleton Jones that he could not say the following or have any direct contact with families as he hands them shell casings from the rifle salute as he recited the words:“On behalf of the United States of America, a grateful nation, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I present you with these shell casings from the shots that were fired to honor our departed comrade. We thank him for his honorable service to our country. We thank you and your family for your support. We ask that God grant you and your family grace, mercy, and peace.”These outrageous displays of religious hostility against veterans and others must be stopped! Visit www.DontTearUsDown.comto sign our petition asking the Department of Veterans Affairs to stop this religious censorship immediately!Help us spread the word about this government censorship! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and forward this email to your friends.Stay tuned for more videos with alarming facts about what is happening at the Houston National Cemetery!  We will release another Truth Bomb this afternoon, and more tomorrow!
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