Dawn King

Patriots, President Obama will be presenting the American people with a plan to create more jobs when he returns from another vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. I thought Stimulus 1 and 2 were suppose to boost the economy and create jobs. Don’t hold your breath on this plan either… We must remain the strong, united and effective voice we have been. Keep speaking up! Talk to your neighbors, your friends at work and the people you sit beside at church.

The Republican Candidate Forum we witnessed last week was the beginning of a long presidential parade, but what I walked away with was ANYONE IS BETTER THAN OBAMA!! Remember, last November was only the beginning. We will need many more elections to rid ourselves of not only the far left mindset but also the “old school” Republican RINO (republican in name only) crowd. It takes time and elections. The easy thing to do would be to turn our heads and go back to sleep.
At this point in America, if we return to apathy our country will be lost to socialism. You choose for you and your home what you will do… I will continue to fight for the country and the people I love. We must fight with tenacity for our children and grandchildren because they are America’s future!
It is NOT to late. Continue to pray to the one true God who founded this nation, for mercy and for His hand once again to guide us.
United we can still make a difference!
Stay Alert! Stay Active!
Dawn King
The Legit Parker County TEA Party
The TEA Party Patriots of Parker County
“.…for such a time as this”

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  1. Thanks Dawn, I pray along with you for our Country, our troops, our families, enlightened leaders that can undo the damage done not only by Democrats, but many Republicans also.
    We can not afford to sit back on our haunches anymore, we must be verbal and be seen to change the status quo back to A country that believes in its own Constitution, respects it own flag, demands complete accountability from all politicians for all actions done in the peoples name, returns to Local and State governments their responsibility and protects us only from foreign terrorists by keeping them out of this country with responsible border security.
    Runs foreign commerce with the best interest of this country first. I can go on forever but won’t we all know the cause, finally for once look at the person not the party, they have a history look for it; it is no longer a secret and there is plenty of sourced information out there.

  2. Remember fight your fight in the primary, support the candidate.

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