ELABORATE WELFARE HOUSING PROJECT: paid for with your tax dollars

Caution! You may not want to watch this video if you have a hypertension disorder!

Unless you are an illegal alien that is sucking the blood out of America, this video should infuriate you!

If you are an alien who crept into this country illegally, you are a major part of the blight that is destroying the American way of life that drew you here.

But far worse than the crime you committed by coming here illegally, is the unconscionable self-serving government officials that are perpetuating this socialistic thievery of precious American resources.  Ultimate responsibility lies with the voters who elected these #*@!~$>s and the system that allows them to become so entrenched that it is all but impossible to remove them.

Term limits anybody?

Some say we can limit terms in office with our vote.

I say, “How’s that working for you?” – Lenny Leatherman


Kathleen Merryman of the Tacoma News Tribune asserted that all the claims made in the video regarding Social Security, foreigners, and illegal aliens are false.  She did not state however, that the Salishan project was not funded with your tax dollars; only that the funds did not come from Social Security funds.  Does it really matter from which pocket a thief takes your money (taxes)? See Merryman’s comments at:


Ask Merryman to explain to you how many dollars of the 225 million spent on the Salishan project were NOT tax dollars, and how many tax dollars continue to be spent annually on the ‘residents’ of Salishan!

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  1. Senator Blutarsky

    I totally concur with strict 2 term limit for any elected office – city, county, state or national. And no election to another paid office. Or “appointment” to assorted positions.

    2 terms, then permanent return to “private” life.

    That would be ” government of, by & for the people…”

  2. Is the same blight that I asked about earlier this year? Again I ask that you guys get a handle on the real cost of illegal immigration. I have asked our congressmen directly, as well as our lieutenant governor directly what they intended to do about this situation at the state level.
    Well as yet they are still avoiding providing an answer. To the point is what we need and if term limits is what it takes to get this done then make it so.

  3. Senator Blutarsky

    Gov Prayer-Meeting-Hairdeaux institued the Texas DREAM ACT in 2001, and got awards from the mexican government for making in-state tuition costs available for ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    Yep……..someone openly breaking the law, and your governor gives them lowered tuition costs.

    WTF ?

    Perry and his criminal cabal have done NOTHING to protect our borders, just like FedGov, for decades…………..just like his predecessor……..just like the last several ( R ) Presidential nominees………….and-OMG – McCain even CO-SPONSORED the 2006 Immigration Reform Act with Teddy Kennedy.

    RINOs & NEOCONS globalists own the Texas (R) delegations, as well as the swamp on the Potomac

  4. Fred Whitesell

    When will we put the right people in office that look out for the interest of law abiding tax payers

    1. Never!
      The fact that you want them to have the power to force others to pay for what you think is necessary gives them unlimited power to take YOUR money for whatever purposes they so choose. Electing different masters will never change the fact that they are the ruling class and we pay for their luxury. The welfare class is quickly becoming the majority and they elect our “leaders”.

  5. I saw this video on a Texas state website and was shocked….First of all yall don’t know anything about the state of Washington and you have no idea what the situation was before Salishan was upgraded and made a better community!!! Please before you make A%$’s of yourselves do research please. Thank you

  6. You have to watch this…

  7. WTF !!! Yes I don’t have any idea what is going on in Washington.but I do know that if they are illegal they should be put into jail first then sent back to the country they came from. Are you guys nuts over there???

  8. It’s BS, bunch of welfare blood suckers. I drive by there and there are people with BMW’s in front of their TAX payer funded homes!!!

  9. Snopes.com says this is a phony story; however, for many other reasons our congresspeople (oops! did I say OUR congresspeople?) need term limits as soon as possible and to be immediately voted out. If we keep making the mistake of voting for new crooks, we have to keep trying — sooner or later, we’ll get it right!

  10. check out the welfare that is happenning in every state

  11. I should go be a foreigner so I can come back to the USA and get every thing I lost ,and have the government pay me back TOO MUCH TAX I PAID IN THE FIRST PLACE.


  13. This really ticks me off! Because the non-American are able to live in American free at the expense of Americans, that has work hard to obtain homeownership and get their social security benefits when needed! However, the builders did a wonderful job on those projects.

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