Parker County Tea Party to hold monthly meeting

The legitimate Parker County Tea Party will hold its monthly meeting at 7:00 PM, August 2nd @ Victory Baptist Church, 1311 E. Bankhead Drive.

Let us introduce you to Commissioner Gregory Parker – a conservative candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner.

More about Commissioner Parker –

My story is only possible here in America. I was born in an inner city and raised by a dedicated single mother to understand the meaning of love and strength through family. I was taught the value of hard work, of getting an education and the honor of serving my country. As an Army veteran, I understand the cost exacted on those who serve and their families. I know the pain and the uncertainty our veterans and their families endure. It is their love of country, their unending pursuit of freedom, and their selfless sacrifices that continue to inspire me. I am honored to call them my brothers- and sisters-in-arms.

My story is not a rags to riches story, but it is a story that proudly wears the label “Made in America.” As a father, I am concerned about the future I am forging for my son and for his children after him. My passion concerning energy in Texas comes from the principles that drove my mother. She wanted to leave something better for her children, a future that was brighter, a future filled with promise and exciting possibilities. My goal is to work hard to ensure that my son and his children, as well as YOUR children, are left with something better in a world that is driven and defined by the principle of paying it forward. We can do this together. We can deliver on the promises made to us by our parents by committing to an even higher standard in creating a better future for the coming generations.

I was elected to the Comal County Commissioners Court on November 2, 2004 and again in November 2008. I was the first African American and the youngest person to win election as a county commissioner in Comal County.

I have tirelessly worked to protect our tax dollars by exposing financial mismanagement in local agencies. I have a proven record of working alongside my colleagues to keep Comal County’s tax policy fair, and I am proud that our rate is one of the lowest in the state. I have worked to offer new educational benefits for county employees and to preserve land for future generations and to protect private property rights. I have spoken out frequently on a variety of national issues including: eminent domain, DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, transportation, and cap-n-trade, to name a few.

In 2008 Governor Rick Perry appointed me to the State Commission on Emergency Communications. In this position I travel across the state, speaking and leading the states initiative for Next Generation 911. Since taking office, I have fought tirelessly to protect children from abuse and violence, not only in my county, but in others as well. I was proud to initiate the annual “Guardian Angel Award” which honors volunteers, non-profit agency partners, as well as law enforcement and child protective services workers who assist in preventing child abuse and neglect and who work to strengthen families.

I supported our county’s clean fleet strategy and electricity reduction pilot plans. As a result of our commissioners court efforts, electricity usage is down by 11% in some of our buildings. I have worked diligently to assure that we remain competitive when it comes to energy, but at the same time I recognize the importance of conservation. Our efforts in conservation were rewarded when the “State Energy Conservation Office” recognized Comal County in 2005, 2006 and then again in 2009. Energy is a passion of mine, and I have authored many articles on a variety of subjects, some of which are featured on this website. In 2010 I authored the book “Global Warming…Really?” which was picked as the “book of the week” by the Conservative Monitor. I am a member of the International Association for Energy Economics, the United States Association for Energy Economics, the American Society for Public Administration, Section on Environmental and Natural Resource Administration and the Texas Oil & Gas Association. I am also an adjunct professor of government at Concordia University.

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, a Masters of Public Administration, and I am currently completing my Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration. My dissertation topic is “Economic Impact of Natural Gas Exploration on the Barnet Shale Play.” I have also completed open courseware from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Energy Economics, Econometrics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics and Government Responses to Market Failure, Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy, Sustainable Energy.

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