Liberal Spin in Phil King’s District

by Weston Hicks

Weston Hicks

A political hack job against Phil King was written by Aledo ISD Board Trustee Bobby Rigues. He managed to get things pretty close to exactly opposite of how they are.

Published in Parker County’s “Community News” publication, Rigues presented greedy insider big-spending interests as “grassroots” under the cover of “education first”, while presenting true grassroots fiscal responsibility interests, led by Phil King, as obstructionism.

There is some truth, however, to the charge that Representative Phil King and the conservatives are obstructionist, in that they obstruct the good ol’ boys from spending Texas into the kind of shape New Jersey and Illinois are in. King deserves a medal for that kind of obstructionism.

Rigues goes to bat for the Howard Amendment, a last ditch attempt in the special session to tap the Rainy Day Fund. The Howard Amendment was introduced after Governor Perry and House conservatives repeatedly established they would not allow our Texas savings account to beef up our budget going forward, because that’s not what savings are for.

Instead, said conservatives, we need to responsibly respond to our economic reality, something the states in serious trouble have refused to do. Conservatives had the clout to win on this principle this session.

Howard didn’t even put the amendment in until the day Governor Perry staffers quit Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign en masse, signaling the Governor may be distracted enough to let a sneaky RDF raid slide by. It was a trick Howard tried at the 11th hour, but it didn’t work, largely due to heroic efforts by Phil King.

In setting up his attack on Representative King, Rigues ties the Howard Amendment to the “Make Education a Priority” grassroots initiative, which is very ironic.This is because it’s conservatives like Phil King who believe most strongly in putting education spending first, and therefore making education the last place to go for cuts. Unfortunately, Phil King and the conservatives weren’t in charge of the session; Speaker Joe Straus and his moderates were.

Straus moderate cardinal Jim Pitts drew up a draft budget that didn’t raise taxes so they could say they kept their conservative campaign promises, but they put massive education cuts front and center. The strategy was to call for cuts nobody could stomach so they could raise taxes and spend up the savings. In fact, they looked for waste and cuts almost nowhere else, commissioning a special committee to find these kind of savings that never even met.

However, with the exception of some ugly budget gimmicks that will put the 83rd legislature in a hole, the conservatives didn’t allow this moderate strategy to work.  The message was sent to the good ol’ boys that Texas will make tough cuts when the alternative is spending up the savings and raising taxes in a recession. After all, if even Texas can’t do the responsible thing, everyone is in trouble.

Rigues used several tricks in his op-ed. For example, he characterized budget cuts as “kicking the can down the road”, when delaying budget cuts is what everyone else in the country uses the phrase “kick the can down the road” to describe. Liberals and moderates badly wanted to kick the can down the road, but Phil King and the conservatives wouldn’t allow it.

Rigues reached again, characterizing Phil King’s successful efforts to strip the Howard Amendment as somehow wrong. But, as even Rigues’s article implies, the more people found out about the sneaky Howard Amendment, the more it lost support. See, that’s how unprincipled insider legislation behaves – it usually wilts when light is introduced. Principled, voter-driven legislation blossoms under light, which is why Phil King’s efforts got easier with publicity.

Rigues lauded Wendy Davis for her hollow support for education, which was really support for raising revenues to keep special interest dollars safe. After all, Wendy Davis never spoke out against the lack of interest in finding cuts in the Pitts draft budget, and its risky use of education budgets to try to break the Texas appetite for fiscal sanity.

Rigues isn’t a reliable guide for conservatives in Parker County. His op-ed he was as sneaky as the Texas good ol’ boys were this session in protecting special interests and demonizing the heroes of Texas voters – conservatives like Phil King.

Weston Hicks researches and writes about associations in the Texas political realm, media choices, and political strategy. Over the past year he has advised on grassroots and voter initiatives. He has a B.A. in History from the University of Texas at El Paso and a J.D. from University of Texas School of Law. He enjoys spending time with wife and three children, reading theology and political theory, and watching FC Barcelona. You can reach him at


Bobby Rigues’ article: Statements of Reality

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  1. Senator Blutarsky

    Hicks – can you post a link, or paste the article written by B Rigues mentioned ?

    1. parkercountyblog


      For your convenience, we added Bobby Rigues’ article: Statements of Reality at the end of Weston Hicks’ article.

    2. when are going to go back on the road for Ron?

      1. Well I was in a hurry last time, NOW, Bluto, when are you going back on the road for Ron Paul. I believe you would fit his requirements perfectly again.

  2. Mr Hcks,
    Thank you for making public what Phil King and the conservatives were able to do. We need to elect more conservatives to both houses.
    I would like to add two points about conservatives:
    a) In Parker County we need to a new Parker County Republic
    Chairperson. If any one thinks Mrs Prince is a conservative
    I have a “bridge for sale”. The only way to describe her is
    she is a Northeastern Rockerfellow Republican
    b) It happened again in the session, conseratives were elected,
    but the speaker of the house of the Texas legislature gets
    pledges of support for re-election in the next session as
    current session ends. This person can tell his district
    he has the power to send more stste help to them. He can
    give financial support to those who pledge support to him
    for thier re-election.
    The best way would be to outlaw that system.
    As voters we shols ask all seeking our vote if they have
    pledged support to anyone for speaker of the house. Those
    running for election to the Texas House should make part of
    thier ads they have not issued a pledge of support to
    anyone for speaker and will support a true conservative
    when the new house is seated.
    Otherwise, we will continue to elect conservatives only to be derailed with moderate or liberal speakers who only punish
    conservatives for being conservatives.

    Sid Johnson

  3. Thank you Mr. Hicks, for exposing Bobby Rigues. He and other RINOs are slowly floating to the surface where the light of truth is exposing them for the shills that they truly are!

    The only difference in Bobby Rigues and Wendy Davis that I can see is their gender. For Rigues to masquerade as a Conservative is an affront to those who work so diligently to keep the great state of Texas on course.

    To see more of his big spending, socialist leaning agenda, go to his FaceBook “make education a priority”.

  4. Jack C. Pickard

    This was a good educational read I highly recommend it to anyone even those who don’t care. Perhaps it will start opening up your eyes to the world around you. Politics has become
    to much about emotions and histeria rather than about common sense solutions for the problems we have today. Simply said Texas deficit spending is about 267% which is even higher than the Federal deficit spending. We are borrowing way too much money and that must come to an end. Public Education should be about Reading, writing, math, history, economics, and physical fitness (Not football) actual healthy lifestyle physical fitness. With those basic tools the students of the future will have a much better understanding of what our Politicians are up to and then maybe real solutions will start. Currently, I can make anyone think what I want them to through their emotions. Phil is one of those politicians that sees through the rhetoric and seizes upon the unemotional content, to see thought real solutions that work.

  5. It seems Parker County’s only difference with the whole of the U S is our political divide is east vs west rather than the U S N vs S. On the east side of Ranch House Rd and including the Weatherford City Council are liberals who seem to think spending more $$$ will solve our problems. West of Ranch House Rd and most of the residents of Weatherford are “country bumpkins” who are conservative that want to keep their money and have government out of our lives as much as posible.

    Again, Thank you Mr Hicks for your exposure of county’s and Texas’ liberal’s work to enslave us.

  6. The pleasure is all mine. It’s an honor to serve you fine folks. The truth is, Phil King is a part of a band of statesmen in the TX House to take it back from special interests for common sense Texans.They weren’t in power this time, but they had a lot of votes and were able to kill lots of bad ideas. The more people realize what’s going on, the more representatives will be added to King’s conservative legislative tribe, and the better shape Texas will be in. Here’s what you can do: tell everyone you know that you have one of the most honest politicians in America representing you in Phil King. The bad guys might try to run a new face against him, but it’s only because they’re scared of him and legislators like him. Remember, new faces can say whatever they want about themselves because they have no track record. They will pour honey in your ear. But what you have in King is a legislator who has already been offered the apple by the serpent many times and has not only said no, he’s kicked the serpent in the head.

    1. Senator Blutarsky

      Hicks – did he kick the serpent when he voted FOR the TransTexasCorridor ?……He had a perfect opportunity to show his independence from “special interests” right there, yet he just did a “me too” and went along with the Rick Perry agenda.

      Please go back and examine Kings voting record for various and sundry CDAs & PPPs, and explain to us mere mundanes how that reflects his independence from special interests.

      I look forward to your response- thanks

    2. Senator Blutarsky

      well shucks, Hicks……..I was hoping you would get back to us with had data about “public private partenerships”, which King has repeatedly endorsed…………..and CDAs – Comprehensive Development Agreements.

      Our incredibly honest, kick-the-serpent area Rep has repeatedly voted for them. I had hoped you would find a way to justify them and bring in to public discussion.

      Since you wont, I will –

      “Public/Private Partnerships = Government-Sanctioned Monopolies

      It is little understood by the general public how public/private partnerships can be used, not as a way to diminish the size of government, but in fact, to increase government’s power.

      That’s because no one ever comes forward and tells the general public the entire plan for something as vast as the Security and Prosperity Partnership. No one ever calls for a debate or a vote to implement the plan with public approval.

      Instead, it’s done incrementally, a piece at a time, in an easy to disguise program here – a suggestion there. There are few debates or discussions. Even elected officials rarely know the true agenda they are helping to put in place.

      Slowly, the whole comes together. By the time people realize the truth, it’s already in place. Policy is set.

      And Public/Private Partnerships are becoming the fastest growing process to impose such policy. State legislatures across the nation are passing legislation, which calls for the implementation of PPPs.

      Beware. These bonds between government and private international corporations are a double-edged sword. They come armed with government’s power to tax, the government’s power to enforce policy and the government’s power to enforce eminent domain.

      At the same time, the private corporations use their wealth and extensive advertising budgets to entrench the policy into our national conscience. Cute little jingles or emotional commercials can be very useful tools to sell a government program.

      Further, participating corporations can control the types of products offered on the market. Witness the drive for solar and wind power, even though the technology doesn’t exist for these alternative energies to actually make a difference.

      Yet, the corporations, in partnership with government to impose these polices, have convinced the American public that this is the future of energy. Rest assured that if any one of these companies had to sell such products on the free market controlled by consumers, there would be very little talk about them.

      But, today, an unworkable idea is making big bucks, not on the open market, but in a controlled economy for a select few like British Petroleum because of their partnerships with government.

      Public/private partnerships can be used by international corporations to get a leg up on their competition by entering into contracts with government to obtain favors such as tax breaks and store locations not available to their competition, thereby creating an elite class of “connected” businesses.

      A private developer, which has entered into a Public/Private Partnership with local government, for example, can now obtain the power of eminent domain to build on land not open to its competitors.

      The fact is, current use of eminent domain by local communities in partnership with private developers simply considers all property to be the common domain of the State, to be used as it sees fit for some undefined common good.

      The government gains the higher taxes created by the new development. The developer gets the revenue from the work. The immediate losers, of course, are the property owners. But other citizens are losers too. Communities lose control of their infrastructure. Voters lose control of their government.

      Using PPPs, power companies can obtain rights of way over private land, as is currently happening in Virginia where Dominion Power plans massive power towers over private property – against the strong objections of the property owners.

      Private companies are now systematically buying up water treatment plants in communities across the nation, in effect, gaining control of the water supply. And they are buying control of the nation’s highway systems through PPPs with state departments of transportation.

      Because of a public/private partnership, one million Texans are about to lose their land for the Trans Texas Corridor, a highway that couldn’t be built without the power of eminent domain.

      Of course, it’s not just American companies entering into PPPs with our government. Foreign companies are being met with open arms by local, state and federal officials who see a way to use private corporations and their massive bank accounts to fund projects.

      As the Associated Press reported July 15, 2006, “On a single day in June (2006) an Australian-Spanish partnership paid $3.6 billion to lease the Indiana Toll Road. An Australian company bought a 99 year lease on Virginia’s Pocahontas Parkway, and Texas officials decided to let a Spanish-American partnership build and run a toll road for 50 years.”

      In fact, that Spanish-American partnership in Texas and its lease with the Texas Department of Transportation to build and run the Trans Texas Corridor contains a “no-compete” clause which prohibits anyone, including the Texas government from building new highways or expanding exiting ones which might run in competition with the TCC.

      That is not free enterprise. And it’s not protecting the second principle of freedom – private property.

      1. Hey Blutarsky – that’s right YOU loudmouth!

        We are sick of hearing your diatribes about all the things we know are wrong with our country. Why don’t you DO something about it.
        Instead of sitting there on your big fat Butarsky, why don’t you run for public office and replace one of the despicable politicians you obviously loathe. Take your pick. I have NEVER heard you sound a positive note for ANY elected official – EVER.

        Or, is it our form of government that you hold in such disdain? After all, we common ordinary Americans are too stupid to elect people of your caliber to govern – right Senator Blutarsky? Mind if I call you by your first name – Senator?

        Easy to find fault with others isn’t it Blutarsky?

        Stay away from mirrors Blutarsky; you might see the reflection of your real problem – YOU.

  7. What ned face? I hear Joe Tison is working the teachers associations accross the state for money and support.

  8. Sorry I hit send to fast.
    Of course, Zan Prince is also working statewide for Joe Tison.
    The usual Parker County eleitist are also suspect.

  9. Senator Blutarsky

    Mark –

    The big reason our country , and state, are in dire conditions is the voters do not hold elected officials accountable. So, if in your opinion, I have too much negative to say, sorry. There are few “victories” these days for small government, strict Constitutional interpretation, Bill of Rights type folk.

    I am of the mind our esteemed legislators at all levels should wear jackets like NASCAR drivers, so we know who their corporate sponsors are more easily.

    “The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.” –Samuel Adams

  10. Senator Blutarsky

    PS mark – I meant to add this below the Adams quote.

    “Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of
    evidence to the contrary, because most people don’t want to admit they don’t
    have the courage to do anything about it. Most propaganda is not designed
    to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.”
    – Michael Rivero

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