City Council and Utility Board to have a Joint Special Session

The Weatherford City Council and Municipal Utility Board will have a Joint Special Session, as posted this Friday, June 10, beginning at 9 am to travel to Seagoville,Texas to tour the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center.

Who is paying for this trip?  What is the purpose?

(Hand up, waving to get attention) – I know!   Call on me!!

The ratepayers of the Weatherford Utilities will pay with “slush funds” created and by raising your utility rates.

Really, can you see, a wetland center for the northwest end of Lake Weatherford after TxDOT builds the new bridge on FM 730?

Don’t we have enough problems and projects on-going in the City of Weatherford to occupy the elected and appointed?  Why are they even taking this trip except to look for something else to spend our money?  Or, could it be, that as long as they have our attention diverted to these useless parks and recreational ideas that benefit but a few, we’ll quit asking about the electrical rates, the Ft. Worth Highway corridor and the subsequent property taxes.

Why can’t they just be concerned with the mess we’re in now?

Sid Johnson



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  1. I need to Tank Sharon Hayes Assistant City Manager of Weatherford for a call this a m to give me information as to the purpose of this trip.
    Weatherford would like to return the treated product from the wastewater treatment plant to Lake Weatherford to become part of our raw water to in turn be use in treatment for drinking water. Seagoville uses a wetlands system as part of thier system for this purpose.
    At Seagowille thier will be about a 2 hour presentation using Seagoville employees and consultant engineers.
    The trip will be made via a city owned van.
    It is billed as a Joint meeting of the City Council and WMUB as their are only two city councilpersons not on the utility board and one of the newly elected council members has been a member of that board. Only new Council member Jeff Robertson is new to city government and he was asked to go to help bring him up to speed on this.
    This is a report to the public as to my conversations with Assistanr City Manager Hays which I very much Thank her for.
    I do have many question truning over in my head but I’ll leave them for another post.

    As usual,
    Sid Johnson
    Weathercford Taxpayer/utility ratepayer

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