The Playground Bully –

Seems lately the media has been obsessed by incidents of ‘bullying’ in our schools and in the workplace.  Politicians are busily drafting legislation making the act of bullying illegal.

In school, a bully may approach a fellow student and say something like, “Give me your lunch or I will take it from you and there’s nothing you can do about it”.  Sound familiar?

Right here in Parker County we have an excellent example of a childish ‘playground bully’ saying, “Give it to me because I want it. I didn’t earn it, but I’m going to take it and you can’t stop me”.

Those who are routinely involved in the political process in Parker County know precisely what I am talking about.  Others, who do not know and do not care, will not understand.

Some make things happen, others watch things happen, but most simply wonder what happened.   In which of these three categories do you fit?

Did you know this bully (a big fish in a small pond) has a long history of pushing folks around and demanding the submission of others.  Fortunately, some eventually recognize the bullying for what it truly is.  Unfortunately, others feed their pompous egos by following along blindly – never seeing, or admitting the truth.

On the playground a kid who has been repeatedly victimized by a bully, may one day find the courage to stand his ground – a lesson I learned from my own personal experience.   My bully was much older and taller than me.  He was totally surprised when I walked up to him and punched him in the nose as hard as I could. I was totally petrified because he was so mean to all the kids and so tall I could hardly reach his nose. Blood went flying everywhere and he ran crying to the teacher.  That bully never became my friend, but never again was he a threat to me and my friends.

There comes a time when one must find the courage to say “enough is enough” and FIGHT BACK! As Admiral David Farragut so courageously said, “Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead”!

How can we say we are going to change the country if we will not even stand our ground at home – Don’t Tread On Me!

by Lenny Leatherman

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  1. Gosh Lenny, I didn’t realize there was such a riff going on in Parker County! Is there a way to be in on these things before they happen instead of after the fact. I guess to placate my questioning I was told that a PAC for the original TP was not set up and in this situation it was not a true political force and could be usurped by simply organizing with a document authorizing the organization. Please advise.

    1. Stan,

      These are the ‘official’ political parties that are regulated by the Texas Election Code and the Texas Ethics Commission:

      Texas Communist Party
      Constitution Party of Texas
      Texas Democratic Party
      Texas Green Party
      Texas Independent Party
      Libertarian Party of Texas
      Reform Party of Texas
      Republican Party of Texas
      Socialist Party of Texas

      As you can see, the ‘Tea Party’ is not an official political party in Texas. Although I am not an attorney, it seems logical to me that the Texas Election Code and the Texas Ethics Commission has no authority to interfere with the activities of the Tea Party, including the name they choose to use.

      Let’s imagine John Doe decides to register a Political Action Committee (PAC) with the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC). He scrolls down the TEC’s list of official PAC’s and notice there is no PAC named is the Dallas Cowboys so he promptly registers the “Dallas Cowboys” PAC in his name.

      Then John sends Jerry Jones an email informing him that John, not Jerry, owns the Dallas Cowboys and orders him to stop using the name “Dallas Cowboys”.

      What authority do you think John would have to make such ludicrous demands? Do you think John would be taken seriously by anyone, including the TEC?

      Incidentally the Parker County Tea Party formed and established a Facebook and website presence on the internet well over a year before the “Parker County Tea Party” PAC was registered with the TEC.

  2. So very well said Lenny. To make true conservative change in Parker County “all hands must be on deck” not just a few. Those of you “hiding in shadows” must come out and become part of the process. The legit Parker County TEA Party is fighting on all sides from City Councils to Comm. Court. We are trying to build up the conservative voice in Parker County and our fight isn’t coming from across the isle but against power hungry, pre TEA Party RINOs. Time for all conserative reinforcements to come in! We need boots on the ground…

  3. Well, as one person who has first hand experienced harrassment and ect. from political issues, that sport is alive and well in Weatherford and out in the county. You are correct to say most folks will not understand that level of nasty unless they come out of their comfort zone and become an active participant. I for one will NEVER stop supporting candidates of HONOR and commitment to the office they seek. Victory without HONOR is a very worthless and hollow thing. IT is only temporary at best. What is RIGHT will win in the end. When social voting takes place even those who follow like SHEEP the wishes of self-serving minorities will lose largely in the end. Folks if you do not use the freedom to vote you will loose it one day. ABSOLUTE CONTROL CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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