City ofWeatherford receives reimbursement funds from TxDOT

by Eric Matthews, Councilman, Place 2

I received an email from the City Manager’s Office stating that TXDOT will be depositing funds in the amount of $745,514.31 electronically into the City of Weatherford Bank Account. This is reimbursement of some of the money we will be receiving in accordance with the Pass Through Toll Agreement for our roads.

This is great news for our City.  The expeditious processing of this reimbursement would not have been possible had it not been for the hard work of your City Staff and City Council behind the scenes.  The City Council and the City Staff will continue to ensure as our roads are completed that reimbursements from TxDOT in accordance with our agreement with TxDOT continue to be done in a timely manner until full reimbursement under the agreement has been received.

Keeping your taxes low and our city debt to a manageable level is our #1 priority for Weatherford.

Thanks for all your patience and support during this process.

One response

  1. Mr. Matthews I appreciate you sharing this with us and I appreciate your service to our City.

    I am sorry about the results of the City Council Election this past Saturday. The voter apathy in our community is both sad and shameful. To see a person of your caliber not be re-elected after only serving a six month term because people are to lazy to get to the polls deeply saddens me.

    I suppose when taxes and utility rates skyrocket maybe those who did not participate in the election process in May will be awakened. Losing the only two conservatives on our City Council certainly marks the beginning of the end for the future prosperity of our city.

    Mr. Matthews I wish you well and hope you will stay involved in our Community.

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