The Legitimate Parker County Tea Party – a Time for Thanks

Dawn King

Dear Patriots,
A time for thanks…
At a time when our TEA Party was viciously attacked, we have fought through together and have increased in mission and passion. We are stronger, larger and more determined than ever! I want to thank the hundreds of people who have personally emailed and called me in support of our TEA Party. It has been absolutely overwhelming… I never anticipated the tremendous response that has occurred, but I sincerely appreciate every text, email and call.
I would like to take a minute and address some of the emails you have sent me. Please understand, I can not possibly respond to every email. It would take me forever. I have added you to our email list and happy to have you with us!
1. To those emails wanting to join our TEA Party – WELCOME!! (thank you for your words of support)
2. To those emails from Republican Party members across the state and beyond disgusted with “sucker punch from the back” – thank you. Our TEA Party is well aware that the Republican Party is not to blame for this act. We hold no animosity toward fellow brothers and sisters that share our Principles and Mission to save this great country and return to our former glory. We must stand together!
3. To those emails that felt this was a play by the Democrats to divide us… it didn’t work! – If this was the situation, it has backfired! We have been joined by many more Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents!
To those Republican Party members that stood with us last Thursday night in defense of our good name…thank you. You were very eloquent in your speech and your determination to try to make this situation right. Unfortunately your efforts fell on deaf ears and our good name has not been restored to us. It is very well known that this covert operation was done to confuse the populace into thinking that the TEA Party endorsed Jeff Robinson, a city council candidate. All this over a city council contest! It is pathetic.
The authentic “Parker County TEA Party” has been behind one of our own, Eric Matthews. Eric marched with us at our original rally in April 2009. We had many people come out of our TEA Party to run for office and Eric was one of them. We will always stand behind and support our own TEA Party members. They hold true to our mission statement of a conservative government. At a time when we need to be standing together to fight an oppressive government in Austin and Washington, conservatives of Parker County have experienced a week of unparalleled attacks.
To those who tried to steal our good name and with it our good works do the right thing. Stop the attacks restore our name and in doing so restore your reputation.
We are the TEA Party. We are the people. We will stand together to fight corruption on the local, state, and national level until our country is returned to us…the people.
Dawn King
Organizer for the legitimate and true…
Parker County TEA Party
“…for such a time as this”

4 responses

  1. This morning, Tuesday 5/10 about 10 a.m. on WBAP’s Mark Davis program, I was able to ask Roger Williams if he wanted Tea Party support for his U.S. Senate campaign. I then asked why he was giving money to Z’s Parker County Republicans for Good Government PAC which is supporting non-Tea Party candidates.
    Mr. Williams waltzed around this with the same spill Z used last Thursday night that “there is more than one Tea Party”. ?! Since Mr. Williams has allied himself with Z to garner Parker County votes, does he really deserve Tea Party support?

    1. Are we talking about the same womanizing Roger Williams who was once barred from doing business in Fort Worth?

  2. I knew he prided himself as a jock.
    I knew Pattie had problems keeping him “home on the range”.
    Maybe, a change political parties where he can keep company with the best womanizers.

  3. In Roger williams answer that thier is more than one Tea Party in Texas, can I remind him make sure your choice is a “real” Tea Party.
    HINT-Z’s “tea party” in not a real Tea Party

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