Parker County TEA Party – “folks mad as hell”

At Thursday night’s, 5/5, called meeting of the Parker County Republican Party, approximately 100 attended.  80+ were “Tea Party” folks and “mad as hell” at Zan Prince (Z).

When a “Point of Order, was called as to which organization this meeting was for”, Z stated this was a combined meeting of the Parker Co Republican Party, The Weatherford Tea Party and Parker Co Tea Party even though it was published as ONLY the “Parker County Republican Party”.  Z stated only Republican precinct chairs were allowed to take part in any business discussions. Z claims by filing these PACs, which include

Weatherford Tea Party or Parker Co Tea Party in its name, “she” NOW owns the Tea Party name and has had organizational meetings. Z stated that only those  approved by her are allowed to use “Tea Party”.  Z, now, claims to be the sole person who started the Tea Party in this area.

Be AWARE, be sure that a candidate who seems to be supported by “Tea Party” is supported by the “Tea Party” you support.

Also, be AWARE the Weatherford Democrat is the propaganda arm of Z; she uses her ad money from 1st National Bank to control what is printed in that paper under threat she will pull her ads.  Also, the two “cutsie” journalist/reporters, Margharita and Crystal, are part of her hive of workerbees.

You may contact me.  My only request, please tell me who you are.

Sid Johnson

Weatherford TX, resident, voter, activitist

cell 817-613-7002



Note: Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” car flags for a $10 donation to help “Tea Party” candidates.

2 responses

  1. Senator Blutarsky

    Very refreshing to see her Higness “Z” pegged for just what she is.

    I dropped my subscription to the “Dim” long ago, over just the issues you outline.

    Excellent , Sid and thanks

  2. Yes, I no longer subscribe to the Weatherford Democrat either. They are to Progressive for my blood. I had heard that there are now only 500 active subscribers to the Weatherford Democrat. That is pretty poor considering we live in a city with a 30,000 plus population. I guess other 29,500 folks have caught on to this.

    It really is a darn shame to. There is so much good they could do for our community.

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