Allen West – a rising star on America’s horizon

Is there a better choice for President in 2012 than Congressman Allen West?

2 responses

  1. Did you hear about the “Draft Allen West for President 2012 group” with over 5,000 members that was shut down by Facebook. Truthfully, this may have been for the best. We quickly reconnected thanks to a very talented group of Patriots who developed a better platform. The result is a website/forum dedicated to Allen West. We hope to accumulate videos of his speeches, town hall meetings, and interviews into a centralized location, organized by issue. In addition, we have a forum to discuss strategies. The website is and we would be honored if you joined us there. Please consider adding us to your blogroll.

  2. Senator Blutarsky

    No thanks. I do not support war-mongering neocons.

    Note that West voted FOR extending the Patriot Act……..

    “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” –Sinclair Lewis

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