“The TEA Party Patriots of Parker County” – the only legimate TEA Party in Parker County

Dawn King

Dear Patriots,

Ms. Zan Prince, the Chairman of the Parker County Republican Party, on May 2, contacted me by email, alerting me that I was not the organizer for the “Parker County Tea Party”. I had no idea what she meant, now I know…

Though the “Tea Party” name is not exclusive for anyone to use, she has apparently filed a Political Action Committee (PAC) with the State Ethics Commission using our previous name of “Parker County TEA Party”. Also she has filed a PAC using the name “Weatherford Tea Party”. Whatever her reason(s) are I do not know, but I can speculate and I’m sure you can too.

Please see the following filing with the Ethics Commission, should you have any doubt – Texas_Ethics_Commission_PAC_List.

Therefore to try and keep from getting into any kind of legal battle, or other kind of battle, we have changed our name to “The Tea Party Patriots of Parker County”.

I am not only saddened by this turn of events, but am also somewhat appalled. At a time when we should be working together for the greater good, it appears to me that she has taken it upon herself to use our prior good acts and name. You will now see advertisements from the Parker County Tea Party PAC endorsing Jeff Robinson and other candidates, which our group does not endorse. I will let you make the connection.

Eric Matthews is running for City Council Place 2 against Jeff Robinson and has been part of the original Parker County Tea Party since our inception in April 2009. He has represented us extremely well on the city council and will continue to do so with your vote.

Although we are forced to change our name to “The Tea Party Patriots of Parker County” we are still the same body of Patriots that originally rallied and marched together on April 15, 2009 against Obama Care and escalating government spending. Together we have impacted city council meetings, commissioner court meetings, influenced Austin on numerous bills, lined the streets in honor of our fallen soldier Austin Staggs, marched with 15,000 other Patriots in downtown Fort Worth, provided water and other needed supplies and resources for the firefighters at Possum Kingdom, welcomed returning troops at the DFW airport, protested with the Johnson County Tea Party helping to remove Chet Edwards from office, protested outside Kay Granger’s office in Fort Worth in opposition of Obama Care, and rallied together with Tea Parties from around the state at the Lone Star Tea Party Rally.

We are changing our name to “The Tea Party Patriots of Parker County,” so you know that the information you receive is from the original and authentic PCTP.

With a very saddened heart…

Dawn King
The TEA Party Patriots of Parker County

“…for such a time as this”

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    I wanted to know if it would be okay to forward on to our members your blog. We had a situation that was not as bad as yours but still disconcerting. A member of the Wise County Republican Party ask our leader to abandon the tea party, break if up and for us all to join the County Party. We have not filed for an assumed name yet but will in the next few weeks. Our name will be the Wise County Tea Party Patriots. Thanks for showing us the tricks of the Republican Old Guard that may impact us.

    Let me know if I may send out this information. Thank you,

    Skip Matthews

    Skip Matthews

    1. Hi Skip,
      Please send my email far and wide. Use this as you wish.

      Your friend,

  2. Clearly, there will be attempts to grow up fake Tea Parties to try to protect the RINOs (especially after the fights in Austin). The thing that needs to be done is for the legitimate organizations to reference each other (AND their proven activities). The Austin machine hates us all and will try to throw up some major smoke screens.

  3. Dawn,

    Can you give me a website that has the city council nominees along with where they stand on the issues?


  4. Zan Prince has never respected the grassroots. She is an opportunist who wants total control of everyone and everything. Parker County Republicans should be embarrassed to be seen or identified with her.

  5. Hi Dawn, Taylor County Tea Party is behind you 100%. I just saw this posted on Angela’s fb page and wanted to throw our support behind you as well. Conservatives should be pulling together but unfortunately all us seem to be having something like this happening in our local circle. Praying for change but realistically just wishing your group blessings that overtake whatever thunder the other group was intent on taking away from you with a stunt like that. We are up in Abilene but if we can ever be of service just call on us. God bless, Pat


    This is a good exampe of why I do not support Republicans any more. I am a Libertarian. I am more than weary of the efforts to bring republican reform to either of the media recognized and power hungry parties. Our two party system is far too corrupted. BTW the efforts by true Tea Party groups to not give in to the temptation to endorse or be co-opted by anyone are both correct noble and dear to me.

  7. I used to be a strong supporter of Zan Prince, formerly Statham. I assumed the things that were being said about her was just envious talk by her political enemies – that is, until I saw for myself the evil, manipulative, and vindictive manner in which she attempts to control everything and everyone within her sphere of influence.

    There is no rule or law that she will not ignore if she thinks she can buy her way out. Her theft of the respected name of the Parker County Tea Party is but one more example of her true character. If she treats the decent conservative Tea Party people like that in public view, what is she doing out of the public’s sight?

    I will never again trust her, and I will always suspect the motives of those she supports for public office. If they accept her financial support for their own personal gain, I would never vote for them. Or, if they accept her support because they do not know her true character, what would that say about their judgment?

    I would never vote for ANYONE Zan Prince supports! I will always assume their character and integrity is equally as disgusting as hers.

  8. I am so embarrassed by the actions of the Parker County Republican Chairman, Zan Prince, who on 10-27-2010, filed for a Political Action Committee (PAC) under the name Parker County Tea Party.

    This act is not only disgraceful for all freedom loving, patriotic Republicans, but also shows what desperate people do in desperate situations.

    Her actions have created a domino effect among fellow Tea Party members who are rallying around Dawn King, the President of the actual Parker County Tea Party. Now, Tea Party organizers from around the state and country are pledging their support and spreading the word “far and wide” of the behavior of bad Republicans.

    Read Full Blog Here :http://gopisforme.com/archives/1613

    1. Duke – one correction, if I may. Your blog references Eric Matthews as the recipient of Zan’s actions. In fact Eric is the preferred candidate of the PCTP, er, the one Dawn is with. The ad taken out by the PAC was on behalf of Jeff Robinson, who is also a candidate for Place 2, contending with Eric.

      1. Thanks for the correction. I have made adjustment to my blog.
        You guys hang tough…I had to endure the same, f not worse treatment by our own County Chairman…in McLennan County.

      2. lynette McCracken

        Thank you.

      3. Thank you Brad for clearing up that info concerning Eric Mathews. Could you please give me a call, you have my number. Thanks

    2. Zan is also supporting another millionaire for congress, Roger Williams. He got a government bailout from the tax payers to keep his dealership going. Would that make him a conservative republican?……no way!!!

  9. It is actions such as this that has made me not want anything to do with the Republican Party in Parker County. It is as much of a good ole boy (or girl) system as the county commissioner’s court.

    The fact that Zan would hijack our name to try and fool voters is showing a lack of character in the Republican Party’s leader. It is time that a new candidate be found to replace this embarrassment.

  10. Though I have been unable to be an active part of the–original–Parker County Tea Party, I have watched and cheered on in spirit, the phenomenal work this group has been doing. I was shocked and dismayed to see that Zan had usurped the Parker County Tea Party in order to promote her own agenda. This is just another HUGE flag waving in the wind alerting people to the motives and old political shenanigans that the Republican Party is capable of.

  11. John Sutherland

    Ms. Zan Prince, the Chairman of the Parker County Republican Party appears to be a progressive, and therefore an enemy to constitutional patriots.

    I would suggest that, since you actually used the name “Parker County Tea Party” before Prince, that you actually have greater legal rights to the name than she does. I would seek legal counsel on this matter.

    Now, one of the things the left is desperately trying to accomplish is to fracture and divide the conservative/libertarian efforts to throw them (the progressives) the hell out of office.

    Thanks for your ongoing patriotic efforts, which even I, a citizen of Maine, can appreciate.

  12. Parker Co Republican

    I am one of many, many Republicans in this county that does not support Zan’s actions. This is one of the most egregious actions to date. Please do not think all Republicans are akin to her. Dawn earns respect from many of us even if we don’t actively participate in TEA Party events. “TEA Party Patriots of Parker County” has a classy ring to it. Cudos Dawn.

    1. I would hope that all who are involved in the Parker County Republican Party would voice their opposition to Zan of her actions.

      She doesn’t care if the Tea Party people are upset with her but she will care if the majority of her fellow Parker County Republcan Party members get on to her.

      1. I wish I could be as confident, but her history shows that she in actuality doesn’t care at all whether or not the PCRP Executive Committee is with her. It doesn’t appear that she knows or cares about the difference between “can” and “should”.

  13. lynette McCracken

    Thank you for all the support for our group. Please find us on facebook if you are not already a member of our facebook group. Zan is using both the Parker County TEA Party name and the Weatherford TEA Party name through TEA Party Patriots.org but we are keeping our original facebook page for now. The Republian party has reached out to us and has stood with us for the most part with the exception of a select few and we are thankful for their support for us.

    Lynette McCracken
    Facebook Admin.
    for the legitimate Parker County TEA Party

  14. Jeff and Dawn represent everything the tea party shouldnt be. They are too busy trying to cozy up to the lamestream republican party instead of voting out the ideological traitors!

  15. Dear Ms. King, I belong to our local Tea Party’s, Ventura County Tea Party and Mad and Not Going To Take It Anymore Tea Party. I was horrified to read how your Tea Party has been usurped. I had just seen a couple featured on Glenn Beck TV (Russell?) and I was hoping to find their defense fund address posted on their local Tea Party site. While I am still looking for the address to help the Russell Defense Fund, I feel a real urgency to contact our local Tea Party(s) and post your story. Rino is no longer a ‘waffling fence sitter’ but now has the definition of being diabolical. Shame on Ms. Prince.

  16. We will be blessed and awesome no matter what we call our selves !!!!! The Lord perfects all things that concern us.

  17. it is time to start a recall elections on all senators who vote to keep obamacare going and starting with john cornyn. this is our country and they work for us, so it is time to make a move

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