Blatant attempt to rob Parker County TEA Party of it’s name and reputation

Brad Felmey

It is with astounded disbelief that I receive the news of a blatant attempt to rob the real (and original) Parker Co. TEA Party of it’s name and reputation.

Zan Prince, the elected chair of the Parker Co. Republican Party, has apparently effected the registration of a Political Action Committee in the name of the Parker Co. TEA Party with the State of Texas without PCTP’s knowledge nor consent. Further, this new PAC has insultingly  insisted that the real PCTP relinquish the name (presumably under the overt or veiled threat of legal action).

This naked theft of PCTP’s name was immediately put to use in full-page endorsements of current candidates for public office, misleading the unwary into thinking they are actually endorsed by PCTP, when in fact the opposite is true.

Yet again it appears as if Ms. Prince has determined to use the nearly bottomless pit of daddy’s money to abuse the legal system for her own ends.

While candidates cannot legally dictate who supports them or in what manner, they do not have to remain silent in the face of such breathtaking abdication of decent conduct. Indeed, any candidates who are beneficiaries of such morally embarrassing “endorsements” should immediately and firmly repudiate the same in no uncertain terms.

If you have to ask yourself if the ends justify the means, then they almost certainly don’t. Elections come and go, but character and reputation should not wax or wane with them.

Brad Felmey


Click the link below to see a copy of the official Texas Ethics Commission list of PAC’s. Scroll alphabetically to Weatherford and Parker County.

Texas_Ethics_Commission_ Pac_List

You will see for yourself the blatant attempted to steal the good name and reputation of the Parker County Tea Party and the Weatherford Tea Party.

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  1. Thank you Brad Felemy for your correct and open exposure of Zan Prince’s actions regarding the Tea Party. She is also using her Republican Pac to back candidates in the City Of Weatherfor, non-partisan election. AS a member of the Parker County Republican Ladies club I find her actions inappropiate at best. If one cares to check, she is the registerd officer of both PACs. Could you give some insight into her motives or reasoning? Thanks

    1. Joan, after due consideration of her actions over the past 10 years I can only surmise “egomania”.

  2. Her motive is total power in Parker County. Hypocritical people like her are the reason so many are cynical about politics. She is never encumbered by honesty, integrity or self respect. She has no shame.

  3. Carla Hollingsworth Johnson

    Thanks for your comments about Zan and her never-ending quest for power. Marry her ego to her daddy’s money supply and, as we know, no governmental body in this county is safe from her blatant assumption of importance. My household has been a victim of her self-imposed selectivity. When my husband challenged her in Executive Session of the Republican Party, she removed him from his Precinct Chair position which he had held several years before her ascension.
    We need a new County Chairman!

    1. Primaries for County Chair are next March. Be thinking of who would be a good candidate to replace Zan. Remember, Parker County is a good ole boy/girl system so it has to be someone who can compete in that system with money as well as political savvy.

  4. Senator Blutarsky

    Thanks, Brad…………..great post. I have seen the Zansters’ manipulations up close, in the 2008 election process here locally and found them to be disgusting, self-serving, and dishonorable.

    I read where Zan spent $70,000 to retain a non-paying post – head of the Repub Party of Parker County…………………hmmmm

  5. I remember the Tea Party when it first began in 2007, here in Parker County. Many of us were concerned about the Bailouts and the Stimilus, even Democrats. Unfortunately, only certain places in the economic
    system recovered. Most institutions like Wall Street, and the Banking Industries took the money and did not have any intention of fixing the severe recession, or helping the middle class whatsoever. One thing after another began to change “for” benefiting the Corporate world, as well as the elite. Even the origional
    intent of the Tea Party’s return to the Constitution, was captured by The Billionaire Koch Brothers and American Crossroads, using millions of dollars of funding by K Street lobbyest, to support the Corporations
    and the rich.The Insurance companies “greedy” takeover of the Healthcare industry, also led to the disparities that America endures now. The Tea Party leadership evolved to become a part of the Republican Party, while President Obama strived to get a National Healthcare System, like 17 other Industralized Countries.
    Disparity began even before 2001, in Texas. Then George W. Bush deregulated Insurance Companies, and the first exposure of his “web of deceit,” unraveled with Enron. Now, all Republicans can talk about is
    the debt is President Obama’s. Misery began, when the Supreme Court stopped the vote count in Florida between Al Gore, and George W.Bush in 2000,and appointed Bush as setting President. Recently, the Supreme Court opened the floodgates for unlimited fundings by Corporations, who wanted to be considered as a person. Now, Washington is for sale for the most money Special Interest can buy!
    We are at the collapsing point with the greed and arrogance of Republican’s described in above replys. Even middle-class long time Republicans are feeling the heat from elitist, who no longer want to include them in their elitist ambitions. The Corporate controlled electronic Voting Machines, stole elections with introduction of the Hart-Intercivic Screen machines now, but the ES&S ballot counter systems before 2005,used an electronic chip on the back of those machines, installed by Service Techs, swung elections then, against the public’s good, and for the Corporations and the elitist. I hope the people that read this realize the “Theft” of America’s Democracy for the powerful few ! Something needs to wake up Parker County and the destruction that already has happened to it’s citizens, and future control over us all. America has been victomized, by this vicious “so called” Conservative, idology agenda.

    1. I would invite Darwin to actually come to a tea party meeting and see that we (as is each group) are an individual group that has not been kidnapped by the Koch Brothers. What people must realize is that what is seen and attributed to the Tea Party by some news outlets is not what is reality in the Tea Party.

      As blame is put on ballots from an election over 10 years ago in which vote counting was stopped, there has been nothing but blame. If a little research is done, it would be found that independent reporters from several large newspapers went down to Florida and counted ballots the way Mr. Gore wanted them counted. Bush came out ahead in that count also.

      I do not find anything vicous about wanting funding for programs like a turtle crossing in Florida, a study of the sexual roles of ants in Arizona, or a habitat for a swamp rat being cut. Instead, some just sit and make accusations without offering solutions except for increased spending.

      What is hurting Parker County is a good ole boy system.

  6. I witnessed Zan’s tactics up close and personal at the Weatherford College meeting of the Tea Party. Her repeated refusals to even recognize me to speak to her arrogance bore more resemblance to Mao and Stalin than any American.

    Brad, I remember you leading the meeting at WC where the same building Zan had a tiny audience in, you had filled the main room. Your professionalism and decorum was exemplary. I would love to see you take over the Parker County Party once more. From where I sit it appears that short of cloning you to do that and fight the city council there doesn’t seem much hope.

    While I am on the soap box here, it behooves me to expound on a couple of issues. Our city council appears as the most likely for a change. Mayor Hooks has told me that he is running again and from where I sit that is satisfactory. It’s the two morons on the side that need to go – Hamilton and Swancey. Wilder and Robinson must come later – besides, I can’t help but laugh to myself every time I see Wilder’s tie and mansuit. No, I am not politically correct.

    I intend to keep hammering at the council about the opening prayer and pledge. I went to a Weatherford College Trustees meeting to request aid for those Little League lights and was pleased to see they are still opening with the prayer and pledge.

    Now, before I violate my KISS rule and sound like
    Darwin, I must repeat that the city council is the first step in taking back the political freedom in this community. The biggest glutton, the school must come later.

    Bill Moylan

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