Re-Elect Jerry Clinton – City Council Place #1

2 responses

  1. We do not need to reelect a career, selfserving, PROGRESSIVE to city Council.

    Will R. Clack

  2. Jerry Carter

    Mr. Clack,

    If you were fully informed, you would know the meaning of Jerry Clinton’s comment when he used the word “progressive” – progressive in the sense that he wants the city to be proactive in the development of infrastructure. I know him to be a very conservative citizen who only wants to make Weatherford a better place for all of us.

    As for the comment about Jerry Clinton being a “career, selfserving…”, he has only served the City for one term which will be two years when it ends. If re-elected, he will only be serving a second term – hardly sounds like a “career, selfserving” individual to me.

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