Weatherford City Council – Facts vs Opinions

Councilman Eric Matthews

Dear Weatherford Citizens,

Fair play, transparency, honesty, and integrity regarding the behavior of some who support my opponents in this City Council race has been replaced by smoke and mirrors, attempts to cloud the truth by interjecting opinions, and false statements.

These same folks who choose to play dirty politics and wish to continue to hide in the shadows rather than be seen by the light of day are part of the good ole boy system that feels threatened now that fiscal responsibility and transparency has taken hold on their City Council.  The tide is changing folks.  However, the fight is still not over.

That is why I ask each of you to do your research about who has been good stewards of your tax dollars and who would like to continue to spend more of your tax dollars at City Hall if they are elected knowing that by adding more debt to our $88 million dollar debt burden will only result in higher taxes being placed on your shoulders.  I know how fragile our economy is right now.  I know the numbers and I also know that the only way to return us to economic prosperity is by managing your dollars wisely.  The economic success of your City will depend on keeping the right folks in office.  The right folks are those who are fiscal conservatives and would manage your tax dollars in the same conservative manner as they manage their own households.

That is why I ask you to look at the facts here and my record versus allowing opinion to cloud your judgment and those facts will lead you to one conclusion and one conclusion only…your conclusion will be that I am the best person as your Councilman for Place 2. 

I need you help Weatherford to continue the good work that has already been started.  I ask you to go to the polls and cast your vote to Re-Elect me on May 14th as your Councilman for Place 2.  Early voting begins May 2nd.

Thank you for your time.


Eric Matthews

Councilman, Place 2


Pd Pol Adv by Eric Matthews Campaign, Linda Matthews, Treasurer, PO Box 431, Weatherford, Tx 76086.

One response

  1. Eric, I am proud to work to help keep you on our city council. Your voice is one we must have to protect the interests of all the hard working taxpayers in our city. Honor and openess and sense of serious commitment to your service on the council makes me feel that my time is well spent in helping you keep your place on our council. I for one am well fed up to my eyebrows with the ole boys group who have over decades felt they were the only ones who should have any say in running our community. I am committed to helping you stay where you are so badly needed. With great respect to you, Joan Stokes

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