Meet 43rd District Judge Trey Loftin

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  1. Trey Loftin has been on the bench around one year. He does not represent the citizens of Parker County but the attorneys who finance his campaign for re-election. He was not a very good attorney, anad a very poor prosecutor and now he is on the government teet because he could not make a living any other way. So now we pay him 100k a year with benefits to be a very poor represenative of Parker County citizens. just my opinion but I have transcripts that support it.

    1. Dear Bane,
      Your blog is anonymous. I invite you to meet with me for coffee with your friends and I look forward to reviewing any supporting documents you have. Please call my office for such an appointment.
      I am Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and before becoming Judge, I tried over one hundred jury trials. No other applicant for the appointment had these qualifications. As a prosecutor, I was an assistant district attorney for several years, and I never lost a felony case. In private general practice–to be clear, my practice and not a relatives practice–I grew it from my home to an office on Main St. with numerous assistants and two attorneys working for me. In private practice I represented most of the matters that appear before my court and successfully defended to jury numerous serious felonies. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I was president of my law school’s honor society and worked for both a federal judge and the Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin. I am immensely proud of my work and service, whether that’s with a charity or in court. Also, to be clear, when I became Judge, I had to take a large pay cut–which I and my wife are happy to do. It is a privilege to help people as their Judge and serve this court and the people of Parker County. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Sincerely, Judge Trey Loftin

  2. Bane, I have known Judge Loftin since before he became a judge. There are three reasons why anyone serves in elected office – two of them undeserving of a vote. Judge Loftin has excellent character and values. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I would be surprised if very many other folks share it with you. I have been a resident of Parker County for quite a while and am not an attorney. In fact, I am a Christian writer. I support Trey Loftin without reserve.
    Both Craig Towson and Trey Loftin are fellow members of my Rotary club. Craig’s a great guy but there has been no reason offered that explains his desire to unseat Judge Loftin from a position he is eminently qualified for and passionate about performing.

  3. Dear Bane,

    As a fellow citizen of Parker county I applaud your courage in posting your opinion, but I have my own opinion about the other candidate, Craig Towson. Criag Towson is a divorce and family Lawyer, with no Criminal Law experience, he is not good for Parker County. It is Lawyers like Craig Towson that give Parker County the “good ole boy” stigma. If we elect someone based on how many people know them in the community, we are casting a vote in a popularity contest and doing a disservice to our county’s judicial system. Voting for a District Court Judge is not ‘American Idol”.
    An independent judiciary is essential to a free society. Governor Perry appointed Judge Loftin, I would consider the Governors endorsement before Charlie Gilchrist’s or Jay Novachek’s, no offense to either of those gentlemen but qualification should support the strength of the endorsement for a Judge. Judge Loftin has been in trial against actual criminals, and has learned in an environment that would give him the proper experience for an important role like District Judge. I will be voting for Trey Loftin, because voting for Craig Towson would be bad for Parker County.


    Concerned Citizen of Parker County

  4. After researching both candidates I am voting for Judge Loftin. Not only that, I’m telling all my friends to vote for Trey Loftin. I don’t think Craig Towson has anywhere near the experience required to be a successful judge. Who wants their District Judge learning on the job? Not me!

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