Where are the Elephants?

WHERE  HAS  COMMON  SENSE  GONE? No. 19 Thomas Paine – April  2011 –

I see the Tent, I have seen the Clowns, ………..but where are the Elephants?

I have been watching the Federal Government Circus on television. I have no doubt many other concerned citizens have also been watching. We have been subjected to posturing, half-truths, outright lies and a pitiful display by Harry Reid the Senate Majority Whiner.

We have been a country without any actual leadership for over two years. The present administration has stumbled from mistake to confusion to outright deceit without providing any clear direction for the country along with the details of how to follow that direction until clearly articulated goals have been reached.

The present administration has not even presented a budget as is their obligation. Instead, they have perpetuated procrastination on budget issues since funding government operations by Continuing Resolution allows the government to keep spending at present levels while a budget is being developed.

I have no doubt that the Democrats hoped any actual approved budget would remain months, if not years, away to allow them to follow their reckless spending ways well into the future. There is a small problem though. The government (present administration) is going to bump up against the national debt limit more quickly than realized when the decision was made some months ago to follow the route of continuing resolutions. It seems as though the present administration has put out so much false information about the level of government spending that they lost sight of the real figures. Now they are in a box-trap of their own making.

They may yet get out of the box, but if so it will require an escape act even better than the one performed by the late great Houdini. Unfortunately there is an easier way out for them. The way out will be provided by the Republicans if no Elephant emerges quickly.

One Republican leader has proposed a budget that dramatically reduces government spending over the next decade. So far not one of the presumed Republican presidential hopefuls has stepped forward (Donald Trump not withstanding) to endorse the significant cuts proposed in the pro-forma budget. Where are the Elephants?

It is time for real leadership to be demonstrated. It is time for a strong leader to emerge and clearly state what the fiscal objectives for the country would be under their leadership and the pathway that would be followed to get there. If no strong Republican leader emerges quickly the Democratic candidate, President Obama, will appear more and more like the only likely president elect of choice against a listless and indecisive field of Republicans. The Democrats will have slipped out of the box.

Obama has confirmed his candidacy and has started fundraising. It is time for a potentially large field of presidential want-a-bees to weed out the hacks and get down to serious business. This time it is different. It is different because more citizens than ever before have started to understand what is at stake in our country’s future.  The next presidential election will see the largest number of voters by far go to the polls. Any Republican candidate afraid to take a clear stand right now, for fear of somehow being misjudged by voters, does not have the leadership quality required by the person who will out of necessity have to clean up the terrible state of affairs left behind by the Democrats.


T.P. 2011

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  1. I felt comfortable with Donald Trump, The man I really like is John Bolten, he has experience in the Mid East of a kind different from the current admin.

    What we don’t need is four more years of ” Deals and Compromises” which leads to log rolling and greater spending. The ” Deals & Comprimises” and incumbants have provided us with a $14 trillion debt.
    We can quickly and effectively reduce the size of government and spending by elimanating give aways, bailouts and tax credits for clunkers, caulkers and tax cheats Cabinet Heads.

    If it is too big to fail, it is too big to manage and certainly too big to fund.

    Term Limits for congress will lead the USA away from “The Road to Serfdom”.

  2. I’ve had additional thoughts about “Where are the Elephants”. While I have never hunted elephants, I think that is necessary to go to elephant country. The past process is faulaty, just look at what it has got us,$14trillion in debt.
    There are no ‘elephants’ in the cartel called Congress. I call Congress a Cartel because, too often after being elected, the elected’s focus changes from representation to reelection, And experience has shown that the longer a politician is in office the greater the inclination to spend, alledgedly to “help the folks” I object the concept of ‘Political Careers’.
    Statistically, very few members if the House ever get elected directly to the Presidency. Most come from the Senate or Governorships, again “Career POliticians”.What we really need are Persons with a recorded, verifiable history of successful management experience. W. Wilson fouled Academia as ‘elephant country’.
    Some of the best have been Generals. The unpopular graduate of the Navel Academy didn’t turn out well at all.As a group Lawyers have learned to speak meaningless words, but are short on intregrety.( Do you need examples?)
    The point being that we need to go hunting, not wait until a psuedo-elephant wanders up. The hunt starts with us, first to organize the precinct, county, state and nationally with true conservative constitutional believers. We are late already.

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