You are in the Twilight Zone

from Health Secrets from the Seventh Heaven –

by moshesharon

Moshe Sharon

Rod Serling, the writer, director and producer of the popular weekly show called “The Twilight Zone” would appear on camera as the narrator and would say that we all live in a world of imagination and can easily take a wrong turn and step off into the “Twilight Zone.” Little did we know then that Mr. Serling was describing the future post 9/11 world of political correctness. Thus, if he were alive today his narrative would read something like this: Your are in the Twilight Zone. This is the world of fantasy where terrorists are called “militants” and the war against terror is not a war against the fundamentals of Islam, but a war against a small minority of one hundred million fanatics who “hijacked a peaceful religion”. This is the world of bizarre twists and convoluted turns where murderers and thieves are rewarded with the property of their intended victims and the “road map to peace” requires total surrender to homicidal lunatics. This is the world beyond reality where atheists pray to themselves in the “Church of Non Belief”. This is the world of imagination in which the officiators of marriages declare, “I now pronounce you husband and husband.” This is the world of denial where threats of genocide are met with open borders and entitlements for all who chose to enter that “unseen” place in the realm of human reflection where right is wrong and left is right.

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  1. Rod Sterling’s philosophy was not in agreement with your close-minded, judgemental attitude. If you research his life and principles you would discover he was a highly intelligent and open-minded man. The Twilight Zone was about new ideas, doing away with old ways of thinking and tolerance.

    1. Are you saying that being against cold-blooded mass murder is closed-minded and judgmental and that Rod Serling would have kept an open mind toward Islamic Jihad? Or perhaps you are objecting to my reference to gay marriage as being bizarre? Which is it, pray tell?

      Rod Serling’s message was mostly about poetic justice. He was a visonary who foresaw that unrestircted, do whatever feels good permissiveness had unintended consequences.
      Are you commenting out of ignorance or is this a feeble attempt at revisionism?

  2. Reba,

    Your comment is factual in that The Twilight Zone was about new ideas. Unfortunately, I think you totally missed the writer’s alternative way of thinking about the subject matter at hand. Are you suggesting that anyone who has a point of view that you do not agree with, is “close-minded”? What does that say about your inability to be “open-minded”?

  3. Lenny Leatherman

    Reba Tipton,

    Shown below is a summary of the author’s credentials. Would you care to share the source of your inexhaustible reservoir of wisdom and knowledge relative to this issue?

    Moshe Sharon received his Doctorate in Medieval Islamic History from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has served as an Advisor on Arab Affairs to former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin as well as the Ministry of Defence. Prof. Sharon is a former director of the World Zionist Organization branch in Johannesburg, South Africa and currently lectures as professor of Islamic History at the Hebrew University.” [1]
    “Prof. (Emer.) Islamic Civilization, Chair in Baha’i Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Born in Haifa 18-12-1937. B.A. M.A. PhD the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Served as the Prime minister Adviser on Arab Affairs during the negotiation of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Established and directed the Centre of Jewish Studies at the University of the Witwarestrand, Johannesburg. Established and heads the Chair in Baha’i Studies the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. main research: Midieval Islamic History, Shi’ah, Arabic Epigraphy (Published until now 4 volumes of the Corpus Inscriptionum Arabicarum palaestinae).Other main publications: 2 volumes on the ‘Abbasid Revolution, 2 books on the relations between Judaism and World religions including Islam, Book of the Baha’i Religion and its Holy Book. Among his edited books: Studies in Modern Religions and Religious Movements. Published many articles on Islamic History and civilization and on current Middle Eastern Affairs.”

  4. This piece is exceptional. Send it to all your family and friends.

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