Strong showing needed at the Weatherford City Council Meeting,

Dear Patriots,

We need a VERY strong showing tonight at the W’ford City Council Meeting.

Councilmen Matthews and Clinton have been fighting some major battles behind the scenes for the people of W’ford and at times it seems like an ominous task because of those entrenched in the good ole boy system.

The TEA Parties/912 and other conservative movements across this nation are making an impact. W’ford is no exception. We must continue to vote out all liberal, left thinking, public servants who oppose our conservative values. Last nights outburst during our Constitution educational event and the outburst while we presented copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to the W’ford City Council are prime examples. They don’t like what we are doing.

We need to support those who are fighting our fights. Please come tonight in show of your support.

When: Tonight – Tues., March 22
Time: 6:30 – 7:30
Where: W’ford City Hall (303 Palo Pinto St)

Thank you for your Patriotism!

Stay Alert! Stay Active!

“…for such a time as this”

Dawn King, Parker County Tea Party

One response

  1. I would like to thank all of those of our tea party who attended the Weatherford City Council Tuesday evening. By most staying to the last was a sign that you are really interested in what is going on with our elected Council memberc.
    Again thank you.

    Sid Johnson
    Weatherford Tx
    City of Weatherford web page:
    or search Weatherford TX.

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