How is the Weatherford City Council spending your tax money?????

Notice of City Council Meeting – March 22nd


2. RS-032211-01

Pgs. 28-31

Consider adoption of Ordinance 524-2011-05 on final reading to approve the 2010-11 amended annual budget.

Executive Summary

General Fund

Adopted      Adjustment      Amended

First Monday

106,129              850,000                   956,129

Pg. 30

From the cities General Fund the item listed as First Monday.  The General Fund is where taxes, fees and other sources of income is deposited.  All monies deposited in the General Fund are considered “taxes” used to pay city bills and debts.

I know the adjusted amount is a payment of royalties from the sale of the Weatherford landfill,  BUT that was built and maintained with tax money.  And a stated reason to sale landfill was to fund the building of the roads for which taxpayers of Weatherford now have a $67 million bonded indebtedness.

The real question is how many times can the City Council use this payment to fund how many different projects?


Consider all matters incident and related to approving and authorizing publication of notice of intention to issue certificates of obligation, including the adoption of a resolution pertaining thereto……… $500,000 from the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund (landfill royalties), and $1,000,000 from accumulated Capital Project Funds (various sources including gas royalties and the landfill sale).

Craig Swancy asked Staff to look into possibly applying the funds that are earmarked for community enhancements projects ($750,000) to offsetting the amount of debt that has to be issued

Community enhancements projects ($750,000) is an earmarked amount to develop projects like parks.  This money Could be used for in the Heritage Park development of which First Monday is a integral part.

Sid Johnson, Weatherford, TX


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Weatherford City Council meets at 6:30 p.m.- Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weatherford City Hall – City Council Chambers

303 Palo Pinto Street

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