Weatherford City Council members acting like playground bullies – kid stuff

At last Tuesday evening’s Weatherford City Council meeting, the residents of Weatherford were treated to what could only be described as “kidstuff”. The playground bully and his sidekick tried to dominate the appointments with their own hand-picked personal favorites and last minute recruitments to advisory boards and committees.
The voters of Weatherford got it right with the election of Eric Matthews. Thank you, Eric and Jerry Clinton, for standing up for the residents of Weatherford against the “good ole boys”.
Councilmen Swancy and Hamilton succeeded with their nominee to the Parks and Recreation Board.
The Parks and Recreation Board meeting is this Tuesday, March 15th, at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Agenda item 5 is consideration by the city’s Parks and Recreation Board to provide small (pocket) parks for the Main Street Program. The downtown area currently has (1) the Main Street Program, (2) Downtown Weatherford Advisory Board, (3) Economic Empowerment Zone, (4) Historic Preservation Overlay. All of these can provide incentives and dollars to help the property/ building owners and /or businesses in the downtown area. Property/ building owners and /or businesses in the rest of Weatherford do NOT get any help from our City Council except more and more red tape. Some council members still want to spend money with many Weatherford residents/ taxpayers losing their jobs, incomes and enduring hard times.
The city also continues to buy property between the First Monday grounds and the railroad for Heritage Park without any input from the residents/ taxpayers of Weatherford. Remember Heritage Park was one of the items created by then Mayor Tison’s ” Blue Ribbon Capital Improvements Committee”. However, that was in 2004 when the economy was better and we could afford the “pie in the sky” ideas that came from that group. Now we cannot!

by Sid Johnson

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  1. I read with great interest the front page article in the Sunday, March 13th Weatherford Democrat – “Bringing it back – City leaders seek ways to bring customers, businesses into downtown”.
    Revitalization of downtown Weatherford is an outstanding idea. The underlying problem with bringing people back to downtown is the lack of parking.
    Is this the same “think tank” which provided the wall around the square?
    May I suggest one way to solve the parking problem is to use the First Monday grounds. These grounds are currently used once a month, but our City Council continues to throw money at it, so let’s make that money work for us.
    A correct historic way to move people from the parking area to the square is for the city to re-establish the historic 1900’s era electric light rail trolley, of courses, a rubber tire gas replica could be used.
    A million dollars is in the current city budget for improvements to the First Monday grounds.
    The manager of the Weatherford Main Street program is a city employee. And much of the Weatherford’s Community Relations manager’s time is spent on downtown issues. Other city senior management devote a portion of their time to the downtown re-development.
    All of this for less than 5% of the business in Weatherford, and a smaller percentage if you do not include the professional offices, lawyer, real estate and CPA offices and banks.

  2. The candidate deadline to fill for Weatherford City elections in May was 5 PM Monday March 14 at the Weatherford City Secretary’s office Weatherford City Hall. Challenges of candidate’s qualifications for the elective office they are seeking should be voiced at this time.
    A candidate was challenged as her ability to hold elective office because she is a city employee. As an appointed member of the Weatherford Municipal Utility Board she receives compensation for attendance of their meetings.
    The Weatherford City Charter and the city personnel manual prohibit a city employee holding a city elective office. IRS rules say a taxpayer receiving a 1099 for services and filing a tax return is an employee.
    The larger problem seems to be the city administration applying these rules equally as they are written. The application of these rules seems to benefit those in power.
    And of course, this candidate’s membership on the WMUB was an appointment brought forth by the “playground bully” on the current city council

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