The Good Ole Boy System is still alive and well at city hall!

Eric Matthews

Weatherford Citizens, I am ashamed at how our last Council Meeting turned out. The business of the people was not done. That is evident by Councilman Hamilton and Councilman Swancy’s behavior. They were only interested in appointing folks they wanted on boards. It was especially shameful by the difficult position it placed Mayor Hooks in as Chair of the Council.

My intent in making my recommendations of applicants to the various boards for appointment was to ensure all our applicants that had applied could be put on a board and particularly one they were interested in serving on.

This ran contrary to the methodology utilized by Councilman Swancy and Councilman Hamilton. Some folks who had applied for positions on our boards were not appointed because Councilman Hamilton and Councilman Swancey based their appointments on their personal likes versus qualifications for the position.

I offer up my sincere apologies to those applicants who had applied for positions on our boards and were not appointed due to the political circus that went on at City Hall. I can promise you that I will keep fighting for you to ensure the people’s work is done.

If you are as appalled as I am about how the business of the people was handled during our last Council Meeting, I encourage you to call City Hall at (817)598-4201 and let Councilman Hamilton and Councilman Swancy know how you feel.

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  1. At last Tuesday evening’s Weatherford City Council meeting, the residents of Weatherford were treated to what could only be described as “kidstuff”. The playground bully and his sidekick tried to dominate the appointments with their own hand-picked personal favorites and last minute recruitments to advisory boards and committees.
    The voters of Weatherford got it right with the election of Eric Matthews. Thank you, Eric and Jerry Clinton, for standing up for the residents of Weatherford against the “good ole boys”.
    Councilmen Swancy and Hamilton succeeded with their nominee to the Parks and Recreation Board.
    The Parks and Recreation Board meeting is this Tuesday, March 15th, at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Agenda item 5 is consideration by the city’s Parks and Recreation Board to provide small (pocket) parks for the Main Street Program. The downtown area currently has (1) the Main Street Program, (2) Downtown Weatherford Advisory Board, (3) Economic Empowerment Zone, (4) Historic Preservation Overlay. All of these can provide incentives and dollars to help the property/ building owners and /or businesses in the downtown area. Property/ building owners and /or businesses in the rest of Weatherford do NOT get any help from our City Council except more and more red tape. Some council members still want to spend money with many Weatherford residents/ taxpayers losing their jobs, incomes and enduring hard times.
    The city also continues to buy property between the First Monday grounds and the railroad for Heritage Park without any input from the residents/ taxpayers of Weatherford. Remember Heritage Park was one of the items created by then Mayor Tison’s ” Blue Ribbon Capital Improvements Committee”. However, that was in 2004 when the economy was better and we could afford the “pie in the sky” ideas that came from that group. Now we cannot!

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