Parker County Republican Women to meet March 10th

Dorrie O'Brien

Parker County Republican Women Welcome Guest Speaker Dorrie O’Brien

Parker County Republican Women’s meeting is next Thursday, March 10th, at the Doss Heritage Center in Weatherford. For reservations call Nancy Klein at 817-683-1551 or email to

Dorrie has been a national mentor for ACT! for America for 3 years, an organization dedicated to enacting legislation against Sharia law, the guiding force behind “the especially devout, active, and practicing Islamic followers” who are invading our nation today. She had a couple years’ personal study and activism against Islam before being selected as a national mentor.  Having recently graduated from the invitation-only Strategic Engagement Group for the Study of Islamic Doctrine, a division of the Jorge Corporation in Washington, DC.

Dorrie is the daughter of an Air Force colonel, and proud member of a long family line that boasts having at least one soldier in every American war since the Revolution She graduated from Columbia College (2 degrees, English & American History). Ms. O’Brien currently lives in Grand Prairie and is self-employed as a freelance book editor. She has a son (who has two daughters) in the army, who is presently deployed in Afghanistan; her oldest son lives in Grand Prairie.  Dorrie is Publications VP for the Arlington Arts League

Ms. O’Brien actively serves her community as election judge, delegate to several Republican state conventions, Chair of Organization and Nominations Committee SD 9.  Dorrie is currently a member of Arlington Republican Women club.

The public is encouraged to attend. For reservations call Nancy Klein at 817-683-1551 or email to

3 responses

  1. The Mason County Republican Women with the Mason Tea Party hosted a program on August 11th featuring Dorrie O’Brien. It was a good, informative and factual presentation. Local liberals wrote accusing letters to the editor prior to the event then did not attend the event. Has been the talk of the town for a couple of weeks. I used some points of your posted O’Brien bio. to introduce Dorrie to the attendees. Just wanted to say Thanks for the posting!

    Mary Carlman
    President, Mason County Republican Women

  2. So this is the type of speaker & venue that the Republican party endorses? I’m disappointed as I would be with any party that courts a speaker whose sole intent is to promote fear, hate AND sell her racist book.

  3. Just googling Dorrie O’Brien to see what she looks like, and found this page.

    She looks exactly like I thought, like the poster child member of Y’all Qaeda.

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