Texas Senate To Consider Voter ID Measure Next Week

Republan Party of Texas

Steve Munisteri, Chairman

On Monday, the Texas Senate is expected to meet as a Committee of the Whole to consider Senate Bill 14, legislation that would require a voter to present proof of identification when voting. Earlier this week, Governor Rick Perry declared the Voter ID legislation as an emergency item and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst immediately informed state senators that the bill will be considered next week.

All 19 Republican State Senators have signed on as co-authors to this important piece of legislation. The tentative schedule is to hear invited testimony on Monday, January 24th and public testimony begins at 8:00am on Tuesday, January 25th.

The Republican Party of Texas would like to thank Governor Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst and the Texas Senate for making this a priority issue, and encourage all Texans who are concerned about the integrity of our elections to urge their state senators to support the passage of SB 14.

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Monday’s Notice of Public Hearing

Tuesday’s Notice of Public Hearing

2 responses

  1. Senator Blutarsky

    Citizens of this state voted for centuries without needing this – why do we need it now ? Those pesky ILLEGAL ALIENS this states “leadership” has done nothing about ?

    We have made it clear – NO “REAL ID” drivers license move, by stealth or otherwise – NO biometrics of any kind………..NO “internal Nazi-style passport”.

    This bill is merely treating a “symptom” – illegal voters, and ignoring the “cause” – WIDE OPEN BORDERS which our shameless repub leadership and majorities have ignored this entire past decade.

    Its one step closer to implementing the widely-rejected Bush nonsense of REAL ID I am opposed to this bill as its just a “feel good” piece of nonsense which ignores the root problem – WIDE OPEN BORDERS !

  2. You are correct the open border policy is terrible! but your approach to this situation is lacking in that, it is our resposibility as a STATE to insure that our state and local impact of this horrendous situation is mitigated to the extent that we can legally address. I have never been one to do nothing when the cows are out. Patch the fence and put the pressure on for a new fence. allowing these folks to vote and take advantage of services at the citizens expense is not the answer. Limit the impact buttinsky or is the answer hidden to you? I’ve heard ‘it’s them’ about all I want, now get off your arse and get something going

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