2nd Amendment Upheld – AB 962 Ruled Unconstitutional!

Fred Deruvo

It will NEVER cease to amaze me that people continue to believe that if the government would only make guns illegal to own as well as ammunition, then all would be right with the world.  The stupidity of that belief is obvious to thinking individuals, yet there are too many people who wrongly believe that by removing all guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens, then gun-related crime would become virtually non-existent.

Other individuals believe that if guns were outlawed, it would severely reduce gun-related crime.  They are wrong in both cases.  Logic alone disproves these assertions because if guns are removed from law-abiding citizens, the gangsters, gangbangers, and crooks would continue to have them.  It is the criminal that the average citizens needs to be concerned about, not the law-abiding citizen.
Someone will point to the fact that Jared Loughner was a “law-abiding” citizen, yet managed to get a gun.  No, he was not a law-abiding citizen because he had run-ins with the police prior to the recent shooting tragedy in which he shot and killed a number of people and nearly assassinated a Congress person.  He fell through the cracks.  He should not have been able to obtain a gun, yet he did.

If we consider game-related crime in the larger cities like Los Angeles, the criminals and gangbangers always manage to obtain weapons and they can get what law-abiding citizens cannot get.  They do not go through proper channels, nor are they anything like a law-abiding citizen.

No law that curtails the use of guns or the availability of guns to law-abiding citizens will keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and gangbangers.  It simply will not happen, yet liberals and democrats apparently find that difficult to believe.

To listen to the likes of Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, and many others, you would think that the rest of us are simply too stupid to understand that by eliminating the 2nd Amendment, crime takes a holiday.  Recently, on the Jay Leno Show, Maher presented his views about the 2nd Amendment and the fact that people think if they had guns, they would get the bad guys.  He intoned how wrong this thinking is because, as he explained, it takes months of training to get to the point of being able to use your gun to actually come to the aid of someone who is being accosted by a criminal with a gun.

Bill Maher needs to wake up to the fact that this is absolutely not true.  All he needs to do is ask himself what he would do if he was attacked by someone.  Chances are good that he would fight like crazy to stay alive.  It is no different for someone with a gun.  I have read about too many instances when a gun owner was attacked and was able to pull their own gun and kill or seriously wound the intruder.  I have also read about the numerous times when someone else was being attacked and a gun owner was able to pull his gun and chase the perpetrator off without firing a shot.

Most people simply react when danger is in their midst.  Take for example the recent Arizona tragedy.  A woman standing next to Loughner had the courage to knock a magazine out of his hand while he tried to reload.  Other people tackled the perpetrator.  If someone standing there had been carrying, chances are great that more of those people Loughner tried to kill would be alive and Loughner himself would have been dead.

What bleeding heart, Anti-Second Amendment individuals like Maher, Olbermann and others erroneously believe is that all guns kill good people.  This is as far from the truth as you can get.

I just read of another liberal democrat in California who is trying (again) to put a law into effect that would ban open-carried weapons.  Apparently, people freak out when they see a holstered (empty) gun on the average citizen.  This is stupid.  First of all, how do they know that the individual is not an undercover cop?  Anyone who watches any COPS reality shows knows that undercover cops come in all shapes, sizes, and looks.  Many of them have scraggly beards, they wear sweats, or tattered shirts, their hair is long, and they try to blend in with street life.  They cannot do that in a suit and tie and certainly not with a police officer’s uniform.

It is simply appalling to me that there are people who live on this planet who seem to have their heads in the sand (or maybe it’s the clouds).  They are all looking for that euphoric state of existence that they believe will happen when we all come together to make the world a better place.  To them, that means getting rid of weapons before we eliminate crime.

These folks are not completely stupid.  They realize that crime will likely always be with us, but if we can get rid of guns, then we will have gone a long way to ridding our world of crime.  The two do not equate!  Guns do not equal crime.  Fallen human beings who have no concern for anything except themselves and their own desires often equals crime.

People like Jared Loughner are simply waiting to explode.  He should not have gotten a gun.  However, what would have stopped him from taking a large Bowie knife and stabbing Congress woman Giffords?  Nothing.  If guns were unavailable, knives are there.  I suppose we could take away all knives.  This means that the only knives allowed are butter knives.  Good luck cutting your steak.

I can understand people who are tired of crime, who want it to end, and who are tired of reading about all the killings that happen every day in this world.  Getting rid of guns will not solve that problem.  People have been killing one another from the beginning (remember Cain and Abel?), and they will continue to do that until Jesus returns.

Guns can actually save lives and have done so many, many times.  You will never, ever hear about that in the liberal media.  What you will hear about is how some child managed to get dad’s unlocked gun with the kid either shooting himself or his friend(s).  You will hear about the Jared Loughner’s and how they shot up a group of people who had done nothing wrong, and did not deserve what happened to them.  You will not hear about the woman who shot two intruders who had broken into her home with rape on their minds.  You will not hear about the senior citizen who shot and killed a man as the man smashed out his window and started to crawl into the man’s home at 3:00 in the morning.

You will not hear about all the lives that guns save because it does not serve the purposes of the liberal media.  It would not do for people to get an unbiased view of the bad and the good regarding guns.

I would like to thank the NRA, Able’s Ammo, and all the other groups who joined forces to fight against this “constitutionally vague” law that would have gone into effect next month (February).  Had it become law, it would have done nothing to keep ammo out of the hands of gangbangers, as the lawmaker who introduced the bill cited as the reason he introduced it in the first place.

I am so tired of how democrats and liberals continue to think that the average American is an imbecile.  We are not and frankly, we are far from it.  Seeing through the veneer of the left’s motives has always been easy to do.  Now, finally, we have some judges that are beginning to agree with us.

Is the fight over?  I doubt it and I can see more taxpayer money going to fight the recent verdict, which is not only a shame, but a waste of money.  If our legislators really want to put a dent in gangbanger crime, more cops would be a good place to start.  Putting more cops on the street who would be able to respond and possibly even stay one step ahead of the criminal would likely begin to put a dent in crime.

Paying police officers a livable wage for the very dangerous work they do would also be another good place to start.  Do we want our cities to turn into the war zone that south of the American border has become?  I don’t think anyone wants that, yet the people we elect keep trying their darndest to take away one of the things that the average, law-abiding citizen can use to keep crime at bay.

The idea that law-abiding citizens using guns is not something liberal legislators can stomach should be a red flag.  These people should be voted out of office because they do not care about the safety of their constituents.  They cut budgets, forcing cities to cut staff (including police officers), yet have no trouble spending, spending, spending for the asinine things they think are important like having to provide food, shelter, and education for people who are here illegally and then making it against the law to determine whether they are here legally or not.

The citizens of this nation come first.  Those who have proper green cards giving them a legal right to be here come second.  Illegals do not count and since we know that a very high percentage of illegal aliens are also criminals in their own countries, we are simply adding their criminality to the growing pot of crimes that exist in our society.

I know that the Bible tells me that when Jesus returns, He will correct all wrongs.  In fact, if we look at the Olivet Discourse, we see that Jesus tells us that upon His return there will be judgment.  He follows this up with the statement that wherever the carcass is, there also are the eagles (cf. Matthew 24:28).  That seems like a weird statement.  It isn’t.  It means that following judgment, there will be tons of dead people, killed because of judgment.  They will be sent to hell and their bodies will lie on the ground to be gathered by workers.  Carrion will feed on these dead bodies for months.  It is interesting that as far back as 2004 or earlier, all manner of carrion – birds of prey – had begun gathering in large groups in Israel.  Why?  No one knows, at least scientifically.  The Bible tells us that they will be used for a purpose.  It is almost as if they are aware of their purpose.

When Jesus returns, that is the time when crime will vanish!  That is the time the criminal will be dealt with and that is the time when righteousness will be the hallmark of people’s lives.  This cannot occur until Jesus returns, yet people blindly believe that if only they work toward peace, it will one day happen.  Too many in churches have bought this lie as well.

I’m not saying that we should not try to be a peaceful people.  We should be peaceful as far as is possible.  However, to erroneously believe that humanity will be able to accomplish what only Jesus can do is foolhardy at best, and demagoguery at worst.

For now, the 2nd Amendment has been upheld, again.  I cannot wait until Jesus returns to set all things straight.  It will be at that point that guns will no longer be needed, not before.


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