“We Heard You At the Ballot Box” ….so says our Texas Legislators

Dawn King


Opening Session of the 82nd Texas Legislature

Dawn King

January 11, 2011 was opening day of the 82nd Texas Legislature. Tea Partiers statewide gathered in Austin to watch and rally on this historic day.

In recent weeks, Tea Parties across the state met with their state representatives to discuss legislative issues and the Speaker race. During those discussions, we were continually told “we heard you at the ballot box.”

Yet, during the speaker race, 80%+ of Republican Legislators pledged alliances to and voted for moderate Joe Straus over conservative Ken Paxton. Straus received a 52% conservative rating while Paxton received a 91% conservative rating (Heritage Alliance rating)

If our Legislators heard us at the ballot box, what was it they heard?

Although I am terribly disappointed in yesterday’s opening session, it is only one battle. We must stay focused and remain a strong voice of the people to safeguard our liberties and freedoms. I urge you to stay alert and active during the entire 82nd Texas Legislature. I will keep you updated.

We hope he and our legislators heed what they heard at the ballot box: Texans want a more conservative agenda.

A word of thanks to our State Legislator Phil King.

Phil King

He has worked non stop to educate the Republican House Legislators of the need for conservative leadership. He did not falter or pull his vote from Paxton at the last minute as so many did. He stood his ground. I watched as he and 14 other legislators from around the state voted for us, the conservative voice. Thank you Phil.

Please take a minute to send an email or a quick call to thank these brave men and women who voted for us.

The Fifteen State Legislators who did NOT vote to re-elect Joe Straus are:

Ken Paxton, District 70

Leo Berman, District 6

Cindy Burkett, District 101

Erwin Cain, District 3

Wayne Christian, District 9

Dan Flynn, District 2

Bryan Hughes, District 5

Jason Issac, District 45

Phil King, District 61

Jim Landtroop, District 85

Jodie Laubenberg, District 89

Tan Parker, District 63

Charles Perry, District 83

David Simpson, District 7

Van Taylor, District 66

James White, District 12

Bill Zedler, District 96

We will continue to watch our legislators and educate Tea Party activists as the 140 days of the 82nd Legislative Session unfold.

One response

  1. Dawn – It was disappointing to see Joe Strauss re-elected as Speaker. This certainly brings into question the conservative values and integrity of those who on the one hand call themselves Republicans but, on the other voted for Mr. Strauss.

    I am appreciative of the efforts of Representative King and the others who stuck by their guns and remained committed in trying to get a conservative elected as Speaker.

    I hope this situation is not a barometer of what will transpire at the National Level with regard to the Republican majority we elected to Congress this past November. That would be very disappointing indeed.

    I will continue to pray for the health of our Nation that its conservative values and faith in our Creator be restored back to its roots as established by our Founding Fathers.

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