Veterans Sue Obama Administration Over Mojave Desert War Memorial

On behalf of our nation’s veterans, Liberty Institute just filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over the Mojave Desert War Memorial, and at the same time launched a petition to the President to save the Mount Soledad Memorial.Mojave Desert War Memorial

Fighting the Obama Administration to preserve our war memorials is going to be a tough battle.  We need your help.

As you know, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in our favor earlier this year stating the Mojave Cross should stay after the ACLU launched a 10-year legal battle to tear it down.

Days after this important victory for our veterans, anti-military and anti-Christian zealots tore down the 75-year-old monument honoring our nation’s war dead.

The Obama administration has turned its back on our nation’s veterans in this case by:

1.  REFUSING to transfer ownership of the land, on which the Mojave Desert Memorial has stood, to the VFW, as directed by a 2003 Act of Congress.

2.  NEGLECTING to replace the Mojave Desert Cross, the only national WWI Memorial designated by the United States Congress. Imagine if vandals had torn down a war memorial in Arlington National Cemetery.

3.  IGNORING a joint letter from the National Commanders of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion and Military Order of the Purple Heart politely asking for the President’s help in restoring the monument.

4. TEAMING UP with the ACLU and asking the district court to not allow the veterans request to intervene in the case to protect their memorial, their land!

Not only is the Mojave Desert Cross in peril, but the Mount Soledad Memorial, a 43-foot-tall veterans memorial in San Diego is also at risk of being torn down.

Weeks ago, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the same court that originally ruled against the Mojave Desert cross, also said that the Mount Soledad Memorial, a 43-foot-tall veterans memorial in San Diego, is also unconstitutional.

The court falsely said there was no history of war memorials using religious symbols in monuments and declared the memorial unconstitutional because it is in the shape of a cross!

It’s now up to the Obama administration to appeal this disgraceful decision.   Sadly, we don’t know if he will.

He needs to hear from us.  Will you help us fight to preserve our precious war memorials?  

Will you stand in support of our veterans when the administration will not?

We must now allow anti-military and anti-religious zealots remove our war memorials.

Please help us today; we can’t win without your help, and our veterans deserve all we can do.

Thank you.

Kelly Shackelford


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