Republican Caucus of the Texas Legislature Supports Straus

The Republican Caucus of the Texas Legislature met @ 1:30 PM and by 2:30 PM it concluded with the announcement that the Caucus voted 70 – 30 to support incumbent Speaker of the House Joe Straus!  This was almost a 100% disappointment to the 200 or so spectators gathered in the lobby outside of the exclusive meeting room.

My lunch time with Caleb Troxclair and office visit with Phil King helped me to understand before the meeting some of the tactics which may be tried.  I am pleased with Phil King’s opposition to Speaker Straus, but it is a disappointing thing to see so many Republican legislators seemingly bow to pressures which I believe are not the preferences of their voting constituencies.

Of course, Caucus decisions are not binding.  Anything can happen on the Floor of the House when the agenda tomorrow calls for the 1:00 PM process to begin with the election of a speaker for this term.  I will be in the galley tomorrow to witness what transpires and will report back to you.

There are 150 members of the Texas House.  Republicans have 101 and Democrats have 49.

D. A. Sharpe, Director of Communications
Wise County Republican Party

C:  817-504-6508
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