Statewide grassroots organizations working to educate voters about Texas Speaker race

As leaders of statewide and regional grassroots organizations, we wanted to inform you that we are working hard to educate and inform voters across the state about the Texas Speaker of the House race. The conservative grassroots mandate of November has been followed with great voter interest in who leads the House chamber for our fine state.

We wanted to let you know what information your constituents will be armed with when they are asked why they want their House member to oppose

Joe Straus

Joe Straus and instead select a true conservative for Speaker of the House. We have responded with the following information about the current Speaker of the House, Joe Straus:

The first and most important vote of the session is for a conservative House Speaker. It is imperative that Speaker Straus, elected by 11 Republicans and 65 Democrats, be replaced because growing from a 76-74 to a 101-49 Republican majority is a strong conservative message from Texas grassroots voters.

We are convinced that the following record affirms the grassroots’ demand for a NEW Speaker:

  • Speaker Straus is NOT pro-life.
    • He voted to make it easier to perform third-trimester abortions (SB 419, vote 672 in 2005).
    • He supported a Planned Parenthood, NARAL and ACLU sex education bill by co­authoring HB 1842 in 2007.
    • He co-authored HB 2704 in 2007 that would have legalized embryonic stem cell research and human cloning.
    • He received a 100% rating from National Abortion Rights Action League Pro-Choice America.
    • He received $1,000 from ‘Winning for Women: A PAC for the Government Affairs Council at Planned Parenthood of Southeast & South Central Texas.”
    • Following the 2009 session, he was acknowledged and “thanked” for his “tireless efforts” by Planned Parenthood, the nations’ premier abortion provider.
    • A Straus-appointed chairman held the pro-life sonogram bill in committee long enough to keep it from coming to a floor vote, even though it had already passed the Senate.
    • Another Straus-appointed chairman stopped the “Choose Life” license plate bill.
    • Straus’ first Chief of Staff was former Democrat State Representative Clyde Alexander.

In conclusion, many Texans across our state have indicated that the “pledge list” and vote for Speaker of the House is something they will remember long after the 82nd Legislative session concludes. We intend to remind them of such information at critical times over the next two years.

Please vote for a NEW Speaker in 2011. Sincerely,

Sharron Albertson                                                 Rhonda Arias

Life Chain Texas                                                   Texas Abortion Recovery Alliance

Mike Carr                                                               Nancy Chalin

Chairman, Northeast Tarrant Right to Life        Former RNC for Life Chairman

Educational Association                                      Golden Corridor Republican Women’s Club

Dennis DeWine                                                     Carol Everett

Central Texas Voices for Life                             The Heidi Group

Dr. Joseph Graham                                                Jan Hester

President, Texas Right to Life                             Act of Life, Inc.

Katherine Hill                                                        Margaret Hotze

Life Talk Resources                                              Legislative Administrator Life Advocates

Abby Johnson                                                        Christine Melchor

40 Days of Life                                                      Houston Coalition for Life

Elizabeth Muzyka

Ned Perez

RNC for Life Chairman

South Texas STOPP

Golden Corridor Republican Women’s Club

Therese Perez                                                         John Pisciotta

South Texas STOPP                                              Pro-Life Waco

Bobby Reynoso                                                    Julie Stobbe

(Brazos Valley) Coalition for Life                    Act of Life, Inc.

Amy Voorhees                                                      Molly White

San Antonio Coalition for Life                          Women for Life International

Cathie Adams 

Former chairman Republican Party of Texas

Colleen Parro Baillargeon Former RNC for Life Director

Pat Carlson                                                            Dianne Edmondson

Texas Eagle Forum                                               Republican National Coalition for Life

Linda W. Flower, M.D.                                        Richard Ford

Texas Physicians Resource Council                 Heritage Alliance

Wayne and Donna Garner Hewitt, Texas 76643

Kathy Haigler

Former RPT Secretary & Former SREC SD 11

Ann Hettinger

State Director, Concerned Women of America
Nancy Goettman

Awake America Ministries

President/ Founder (State active)

Sonja Harris AKA RED SONJA Conservatives in Action

Tim Lambert

Texas Home School Coalition

Kelly Shackelford                                                  Skeet Workman

Liberty Institute                                                     Tea Party, Lubbock

*Names of organizations are listed for identification purposes only.

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