Global Warming Revisited

WHERE HAS COMMON SENSE GONE? No. 15 Thomas Paine – December 2010 C.S. No. 8 referenced the subject of Global Warming being discredited by some obviously falsified information. My level of expertise does not extend to climate change, so, as I pointed out at that time it was not my intent to support or rebuke global warming issues. My purpose then was to use global warming as an example of how notion can run rampant over fact, especially when some elements of academia forgo their integrity in order to help prove a point they are having difficulty proving by using only validated data. That same notion becomes even more pervasive when the public is subjected to a seemingly endless stream of news clips and television segments aimed at supporting the idea conveyed by the notion, while those same information sources further abet the process by ignoring contrary comments and valid, supporting, contrary evidence.

Now it seems as though global warming has been placed on a back burner along with the current administration’s Cap and Trade aspirations. This should not be taken to indicate climate change will never produce some troublesome effects in the coming decades. Common sense reminds us to beware of assigning a single causation to complex system reactions.

The University of Pennsylvania published a paper earlier this year pointing out that global temperatures have been flat or declining over the past decade, a decade in which CO2 emissions increased. Copious data also demonstrates global temperatures declined from 1940 to the late 1970’s. Back then today’s global warming experts were warning of global cooling. While it is quite true prolonged global cooling will have significant impact on crop yields, thus requiring a substantial increase in the amount of land under cultivation, this situation does not appear to be an immediate threat to world food supply which is today in excess of global needs. Hunger existing today results from inadequate global distribution of the available stocks and not from global cooling.

The late twentieth century experienced a period of major solar activity increase which has now virtually ended. The correlation between solar activity and earth temperature is acknowledged by scientists on both sides of the global warming issue. The University of Pennsylvania paper was not much publically acknowledged by global warming advocates, or by the news media, but it was very closely examined because of earlier misrepresentations of global warming data by the global warming community…. And the results of the close scrutiny(?)……..not a word in the television news or the press. This alone should tell us something about the veracity of the conclusions the paper reached. I hasten to point out that I have not read the full paper myself, but the silence it has generated tells me pretty much what I need to know about a subject I do not understand in depth.

Surely the global warming, cap and trade movement has been disarmed, at least for awhile. Do not bet on it! The high-level liberal thinkers have found a way to apply the old “bait and switch” technique to cap and trade. Global warming terminology is being rapidly displaced by “global climate disruption” terminology. What a great idea! Now any weather event can be claimed as “proof” of their desired claims. A weather event ranging from a hurricane to a heavy snowfall will be fair game. Common sense should warn us that “Old liars never die….they do not even fade away….they return in different guise”, but their objective never changes. How sad it is when members of the current administration and a highly visible portion of academia see no need for honesty and integrity if it gets in the way of their agenda.

This week saw the opening, in Cancun, Mexico, of the annual negotiating conference of the members of the 193 nation U.N. climate treaty. Suites of entire hotels have been reserved for two weeks so members can concentrate on global climate change issues without suffering the inconvenience of winter weather. I hope these hucksters enjoy themselves. It seems certain the United States will once again be strongly criticized for not taking action on self-punitive cap and trade legislation that, when implemented, would impose increased negative pressure on our economy. The Kyoto Treaty, which will terminate in 2012, will likely see some discussion also, as relates to any conservative administration in the United States, since the U.S. has not ratified the treaty and is unlikely to ratify any similar treaty so long as common sense prevails. The United States should maintain the fortitude required for self-determination and never hand-over such an important issue to a “global government”.  Let’s hope our present administration sees things the same way. In any event we should all continue to closely watch the global climate disruption crowd in order to see where they will strike next.  At the same time we should continue to try and determine fact from notion and act in a responsible manner with respect to any validated facts warranting action or inaction in the climate change arena.

T.P. 2010

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