Amtrak vs Scamtrack

by Lenny Leatherman

Earlier this year an article appeared in Daily Kos that referred to Ohio Democrat Governor Ted Strickland’s half billion dollar ‘Snail Rail’ Train project as ‘Scamtrak’.

It occurred to me that Scamtrak is the perfect description of the method socialists in America use to transport an unsuspecting American public down the track to socialism.  It seems the only thing that changes from election cycle to election cycle is the pace at which we move toward a socialist state.  Scamtrak picks up speed during Democrat administrations, and slows its pace when the Scamtrak Engineer is a Republican.  But the sad fact is, it doesn’t matter if the Engineer is Democrat or Republican, we are still on the same track going in the same direction.

In recent years we have all become accustomed to hearing government officials and the liberal media speak of America’s rail system, Amtrak with praise and adoration.

While Amtrak may exude the appearance of a well designed and highly efficient means of transport, nothing could be farther from the truth!  You, Mr. taxpayer, subsidized Amtrak in 2009 to the tune of 1.3 billion dollars!  That’s right – you picked up the tab – not by choice, but you paid for it.

So what, if anything, does ‘big government’ do well?

Stealth socialists in America would have you believe that Scamtrak (another name for our top heavy bloated morbidly obese federal government) is also a well designed highly efficient means of transporting Americans to a secular utopia – HOGWASH !!

It’s not only Amtrak you are subsidizing, which is only a tiny piece of the problem, you are also subsidizing Scamtrak big time – with trillions of dollars!!!  And the load becomes heavier and more difficult to pull each time big government gives another illegal alien a free ride or fills another passenger car with government employee union members who have a death grip around the throat of local, state and national governments.

We need only to look at Europe today to see where these tracks lead.

While Europe is now taking steps to climb out of the pit of socialism, we have Scamtrak running on auto-pilot with a Democrat Engineer who is either asleep at the wheel, or subversively guiding America into her own great train-wreck.

All is not lost.

If we take time to look around us, we see bright young patriots all over the nation standing up and stepping forward.  They are smart educated young conservatives who are waiting for those of us who are finishing our leg of the race to pass the baton.  Many of these young people are TEA Party Patriots who recognize the struggle ahead for what it really is, and have the strength and courage to fight the good fight knowing the battle against socialism will never end.

God Bless America

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  1. Do you have any idea what Socialism actually is?

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