Recognizing the Reality of Political Systems

WHERE HAS COMMON SENSE GONE? No. 14 Thomas Paine – November 2010

Obama has often been referred to as a socialist and sometimes even a communist. He probably is neither, but it is possible he could be something worse!  Obama could unwittingly be a fascist.

I say this even while believing that Obama is at best nothing more than an absentee president. He seems totally unable to take a firm position, based on reasoned thought, on any subject. He talks too much but says little of any value. He has surrounded himself with persons who have proved to be as inconsistent in constructive thought as he is. However, this should not be construed to mean that as a group they are not harmful.  They are likely very dangerous to our national interests. Their attention is focused mostly on a few select, self-serving  internal matters while not nearly  enough attention is given to the festering international situations facing our nation at present.

The administrations’ myopic focus on internal matters has also mostly avoided any demonstrated, constructive measures aimed at improving the economy. For the most part the implications resulting from the actions the current administration has taken have been poorly understood by the Congress, and often not understood at all by the Executive or the general public. It seems to the average citizen no apparent thought has been given to the unintended consequences resulting from legislation quickly passed and hastily signed by Obama with never a whiff of veto. For the most part any actions  taken by the Obama administration have either enhanced or perpetuated the very government meddling that helped create the current economic problems in the first place. This is the view most citizens now have of the present administration and it is correct so far as it goes. But this view is incomplete! These actions are no accident, engendered by inept politicians and a rudderless administration.

There is something far worse going on!  There has been an increasing amount of very dubious and dangerous regulation promulgated and enforced through decree  by unelected and unconfirmed members of the administration. Members who are acting well beyond any authority granted to them by our Constitution.  Members who are often nameless and faceless bureaucrats, sanctioned by Obama, and who remain aloof from any apparent willingness to adhere to the limitations placed on government by the Constitution.

Now it is time to review the definitions of certain political terms. Definitions which can become blurred  when they are applied in haste as a result of frustration and extreme concern over  the actions of political parties and/or specific politicians. It is easy to use one of these terms when its application is not correctly descriptive of the situation being addressed; therefore, it is incumbent on us to refresh our memory as to the appropriate terminology for a particular situation. Common sense requires that we be clear when we speak about important issues. Otherwise, the importance of what is being addressed will become diminished and political correctness may win out over fact.

The definitions of socialism, communism and fascism here-in  provided are brief, but, since clarity is often enhanced by brevity, that is the intent of this present synopsis.

Socialism: A system of social organization by which the major means of production and distribution are owned, managed and controlled by the government and by associations of workers.

Communism: A system in which most if not all property is owned by the State and is supposed to be shared by all. A political, social and economic system in which the State, governed by an elite group, controls production, labor and distribution and largely the social and cultural life and thought of the people.

Fascism: A system of government in which property is privately owned, but most industry, commerce and labor are regulated by a strong national government, while all opposition to government regulation and control is rigorously suppressed.

Now the reader is asked to reflect on the following and decide if some of the administrations’ actions are best defined by one or more of the above definitions. The reader is asked to determine which current trends in Government represent a threat to the liberty of the citizens if those same trends are allowed to persist and be amplified.

What political system enables a national government to require its citizens to buy certain products, even if they are unwanted or unneeded, and then subject the citizens to fines or incarceration if they do not consummate the purchase?

What political system threatens to ration services provided by the private sector in order to ensure they are well controlled and distributed in accord with the desire of the national government?

What political system enables its national government to require its citizens undergo potentially humiliating or invasive ad hoc personal search and then fine and incarcerate those who, faced with these unpleasant choices, elect to not even participate in the activity “requiring” the invasive search?

What political system expresses the need for a strong, internal, national army of dubious origin and allegiance; an army that would equal the nations’ professional military in size and equipment?

What political system seeks to organize and regulate labor at every juncture while providing financial support to its own public sector unions in order to have them always do the bidding of the government?

What political system establishes control over the pay of senior executives who are intimately involved in public sector financing of the productive capacity of the national economy?

What political system shuts down a major domestic energy resource development industry, dislocating thousands of workers, at the same time the country is being bled  financially dry by its pressing need for the same energy based resource currently derived from foreign sources?

The reader should think about these things carefully. The next time someone in power is referred to as a socialist or even a communist question whether the correct term is being applied. Look at the facts! The next time an elected representative, of either major political party, utters a totally absurd comment with respect to what the government should do or control be careful not to just ignore it based on its’ absurdity. It is entirely possible the correct terminology for the ideology being expressed is far worse than one might casually imagine.

T.P. 2010

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