Update: The Battle for the Texas House

As a result of Election Night 2010, the Texas House now has a truly conservative Republican majority for the first time in its history! And while liberal Republican House Speaker Joe Straus is working hard to retain his control over the new House, thanks to your efforts, the tide is beginning to turn! Not only are there now two conservative House Members running for Speaker against Joe Straus but numerous House Members have pulled their pledge cards from Straus and have now pledged to one of the conservatives.

The remaining Republican House Members are hearing from their constituents that they, too, should pull their pledge cards and support a conservative Speaker, but many of them have stiffened their necks and declared that they believe they can outlast the grassroots pressure. We encourage you to hang in there and keep the calls coming! They are making a difference, so please don’t let up. And if you have already called, then please call again – call another five times, or however many times it takes until your Representative changes his or her stand! We the people must win this fight!

We have included the newest piece on the Battle for the Texas House. It is a short YouTube clip that you can circulate to your friends, updating them on what is currently happening, and urging them to weigh in with their State Representative. Let’s make sure that what began on Election Night continues with a new conservative Speaker so that we can have the conservative economic and social policies that we need to keep Texas strong!

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