Why should you care about the election of the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives

Why should you who may or may not live in Texas care about the election of the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives? Unless you live in Texas he doesn’t affect you. Except he does, which makes it important that we help Texans stop Straus.

Texas is going to make out like a bandit in redistricting next year. They will pick up several seats that may be drawn to help Republicans hold on to Congress and prevent Nancy Pelosi from becoming Speaker again. But there is problem.

Joe Straus is the Speaker of the Texas House. He is a 100% NARAL rated moderate Republican who became Speaker with the help of Democrats. He then went on to name a number of Democrats to power committee chairmanships and had them block conservative legislation. This year, he campaigned around the state of Texas for some of the most liberal Democrats running. They all lost.

But Straus thinks he should remain Speaker. He wants Texas’s state house Republicans to back him. None of us, in or out of Texas, can afford to have this man handling redistricting of congressional districts. Conservatives across the country need to urge their Texas friends and Texans need to urge their neighbors and leaders to stop Straus and support his opponent, Ken Paxton.

If Straus stays in charge, we won’t have a Texas firewall come 2012. Erick Erickson

from Daily Events

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  1. Appears Rep Kelly Hancock stated this week the race is over. If Straus is reelected, he should make better choices for his committee chairs. That will show Texans he understands the voters outrage. We should not let up on the pressure. He is feeling it.

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