Texas officials engage in Gestapo-like tactics to silence your speech! We’re fighting back!

The calls to replace moderate Republican Joe Straus as Speaker of the Texas House are reverberating across the state.   Straus and his friends are growing desperate to hang on to the powerful Speaker seat, but your calls to oust him in favor of a true conservative are making a difference.

Here’s why Joe needs to go:
1.    Joe Straus is beholden to Democrats; he was selected by 65 Democrats and only 11 Republicans.
2.    Joe Straus is a supporter of Planned Parenthood (which in 2008 gave him $1,000) and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), which gave him a 100 percent approval rating in 2007.
3.    Homosexual activists have stated that Joe Straus is the best friend of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LBGT) community.
4.    Joe Straus moved the House dramatically to the left last session by appointing many more liberal committee chairs across the board.
5.    Joe Straus is considering taking away your right to select your own State Board of Education members and hand over curriculum decisions to hand-picked “experts” like the ones who wanted to remove Christmas from our children’s textbooks.

Outrageously, just this week, as your calls are helping heat things up, Straus’ friends in the legislature are resulting to Gestapo-like tactics to try to silence citizens on this issue. Rep. Chuck Hopson, R-Jackson, who is a friend and strong supporter of Joe Straus and serves as the chairman of the House General Investigating and Ethics Committee, said yesterday that he is planning “to look into the writings” of citizens who oppose Straus to see if they “violated some codes.”

Just what country does Rep. Hopson think we’re in?  Russia?  Here in Texas we have a right to free speech and that includes opposing elected officials who do not faithfully represent the people.   Please continue to place calls to your newly elected representative and ask him or her to elect a true conservative as Speaker, one who will champion conservative legislation.


from Liberty Institute

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  1. Where is the Rino vote coming from, we elect conservatives and they act like progressives. Where do they get off thinking that they know better than the electorate. What is good for the people is freedom of choice, less government, and lower taxes.
    Every progressive program they push through cost only those of us who work for a living. Let me decide who I want to help with my money and time.

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