Choosing a conservative Speaker in the Texas House of Representatives


The purpose of this letter is to ask you to:

  • Read my commentary below
  • Scroll down to read the letter from my friend Michael Smith at Heritage Alliance about the Texas House Speaker’s race
  • Read the attached letter signed by conservative leaders throughout Texas
  • Contact your State Representative about choosing a conservative  Speaker in the Texas House of Representatives -directions for doing so are listed below

It won’t be long until the Texas Legislature convenes in January.

As one who has moved to Austin to live there temporarily throughout  the last seven legislative sessions in order to serve as a volunteer lobbyist for the conservative, pro-family organization, Texas Eagle Forum, I can tell you first hand that the very first, as well as the very most important, vote that will be taken this session will be the vote for Speaker of the House.

The Speaker holds a great deal of power.

It is the Speaker who appoints all of the Committee Chairmen.

The Speaker is also the one who then assigns all of the House members to the various committees. Last session, there were 34 House Standing Committees.

Committee Chairmen also hold a great deal of power as they decide which bills will receive a public hearing in their committees. A Committee Chairman can kill bill just by not allowing it to have a public hearing. I have seen many good bills “die in committee” and many bad bills get voted out of committee and move on to eventually become law.

Texas needs a conservative Speaker of the House.

Thank you for taking the time to exercise your constitutional right to petition your government and for being involved in the political process.

Please remember to scroll down and continue reading.

With many blessings,
MerryLynn Gerstenschlager
Vice President
Texas Eagle Forum

Subject: Fastest Way to Contact State Reps
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 09:08:22 -0500

As the attached letter states, conservatives want a House Speaker who reflects their values.

The wave of grassroots pressure is on its way to Austin. To add your voice — and those of all you can reach — please go to There is an e-mail form that addresses YOUR House Rep when you key in your address.

The e-mail will be sent with your return e-mail address on it.

Please forward this message anywhere it’s welcome.

Michael Smith
Executive Vice President
Heritage Alliance

2 responses

  1. Phil, I noticed that Perry has now stated that we do have a border problem. But there does not seem to be a concensus on how to handle it, except to say it is the Feds responsiblilty. I would think that it’s all our responsibility to maintain safety and security in our state and if the Feds can’t or won’t get it done, what is the next step. If the special interest in the state are pressuring for cheap labor, where does that leave the average citizen, and how does the average guy defend his rights without you guys.

    1. Stan –

      You’re absolutely right. It does not appear that the federal government is going to stand up and do what’s right. Because the feds have refused to step up and take care of the border problem, that leaves the states no choice but to fill that void and do what they can.

      HB 17 was filed yesterday which will classify an immigrant in Texas illegally as a criminal trespasser. I plan to support this legislation and any other legislation that is similar in nature. I think this type of legislation will help, but I also feel very strongly that nothing matters until you secure the border. That takes boots on the ground on the border. Because the feds won’t provide the military help we need, we need to assist our border law enforcement agencies to beef up their patrols and capabilities to neutralize the violence that is spilling over our border. I also support Texas requiring the e-verify system rather than mandatory checks – this way unless employers use the e-verify system -which checks citizenship – they will not be able to deduct wages from the franchise tax they pay to the state.

      As you know, we had unprecedented gains in the Texas House last Tuesday and will be operating with 99 Republican votes this legislative session. Many of the conservative legislators, myself included, will be fighting hard on the issue of immigration and border security. It is my sincere hope with the majority we now hold that we can make real and meaningful changes to our state laws to address this problem that is not only costing the state billions of dollars, but is also costing many innocent lives.

      Thank you,

      Phil King

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