‘Open for Business’

What Phil Believes about Government

“What I believe about government and elected office: 

Don’t let government compete with business. Government must never provide goods and services that are available from the private sector. Don’t spend what you don’t have. Problems created by over spending and debt won’t be solved by more spending and more debt. Trust people over big government. Make local control and limited government the first resort not the last. Keep taxes as low as possible and the tax system as simple as possible. Excessive regulation smothers life and commerce. Whatever regulation government maintains must be predictable and navigable. Make courts accessible but don’t let them become profit centers or law makers. Have the moral courage to do the right thing. Integrity above all. ”


Early Voting Started Monday, October 18th

Early voting for the November 2nd election began Monday. We need your help to get out to vote to fight the liberal Obama/Pelosi agenda. Please click on the link below to view early voting times and locations for Parker and Wise counties. Early Voting Locations 

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