2010 Party Platform Comparisons

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Conservative legislators have worked hard to deliver on a few basic things that matter, yet the work of conservatives in the Legislature is far from complete. The state must address a multi-billion dollar revenue shortfall without raising taxes, we face increasingly egregious intrusions against our state sovereignty by the federal government, taxes are too high, border security remains a challenge, and elections must be free of fraud. Expanded government is not the answer for a people as smart and industrious as Texans, and we need to continue to promote the values of faith, family, and hard work.

The Pledge with Texans issued by the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) promotes these values, serving as a principled guide for policy action in the 82nd Texas Legislature and beyond. This document illustrates how the five core conservative issues of the TCC Pledge with Texans are incorporated in the Republican Party platform and rejected by Democratic Party platform.

For a side by side comparison of the Republican and Democrat Party Platforms, go to 2010 Party Platform Comparisons.


Our thanks to Phil King and the Texas Conservative Coalition.

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  1. Where can I get a copy of the Parker County 2010 election ballot. I found Tarrrant county but not Parker.

  2. parkercountyblog

    Mr. Stronks,

    Thank you for your question.

    We will be posting copies of sample ballots, early voting locations and poll sites on this blog in the near future.

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